Update: November 7, 5:24 pm

Biden has now won, but will Trump and the Republicans, who have been fighting against legal immigration by people of color for the past three decades, accept the results, or will they tray various strategies to stage a coup and keep Trump in office against the will of the American people? Alternatively, will Trump use his remaining time in office to try to put through even more vindictive rules against the legal and human rights of immigrants out of revenge? See The Guardian's November 7 headline:

Biden's win marks the end of Trump's war on democracy and truth.

Is this too optimistic? Could Trump and those who who support his war on legal immigration try to stage a coup? We should not be too complacent. See, Vox (November 7):

Trump is attempting a coup in plain sight

See also Saul Abramsky in The Nation, September 7:

Is Trump Planning a Coup d'Etat?

As of the writing, multiple reports show that Trumps supporters, some of them heavily armed, are forming goon squads to descend on state capitols around the country to spread Trump's utter lie, unsupported by a single shred of evidence, that the election has been "stolen" from him. As a last resort, Trump may very possibly rely on the Supreme Court, packed with his own appointed judges, to hand America over to his dictatorship.

Biden has won the election - but the danger to democracy, and to immigration, is not yet over.

Update: November 7, 1:02 am

In a dangerous development with ominous implications for the future of democracy in America, many (though not all) Republican leaders are openly supporting Trump's latest campaign of total lies, not supported by a single shred of evidence that his supporters have produced so far, to the effect that the mail-in votes which have put BIden ahead in Pennsylvania, Georgia and other crucial swing states are "illegitimate" and that the election is being "stolen" from Trump.

These are total lies which are meant to undermine the foundations of our democracy. But no one should be surprised and the latest GOP campaign of falsehoods. Republican leaders have bee spreading anti-immigrant lies and propaganda for the past three decades or more in their efforts to keep America white. This paved the way for Donald Trump and the danger that our democracy is now facing from his refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election - an election which would put America once more back on the road toward justice, racial equality and recognition of the human rights of all immigrants, regardless of their skin color or nationality.

My earlier comment appears below:

As of this writing on the morning of November 6, Democrat Joe Biden is reportedly pulling ahead of Donald Trump in two critically important states, Pennsylvania and Georgia, and appears headed for a narrow electoral college victory in the presidential election.

(Biden is 3 million votes ahead of Trump in the popular vote, but so was Hillary Clinton in 2016,, and that didn't help her very much.) Meanwhile Trump abandoned any pretense that might have remained of believing in democracy in a November 5 speech in which he insisted that only votes for himself were legally cast,while those for opponent were "fraudulent".

But this attack on democracy is nothing new with Trump; almost from the moment he began running for office in 2017, he has been attacking his political opponents, beginning with Hillary Clinton, right up to Joe Biden in this campaign as "criminals" who deserve to be "locked up". He has also accused some of his critics of "treason."

Only recently, Trump castigated his own Attorney General, William Barr, who had vigorously supported Trump's authoritarian agenda up until now, for refusing to prosecute Biden, despite Barr's on fining that there was no evidence that Biden has broken any laws.

From from the moment he took office, Trump has attached a free pres as ab :enemy of the people" and made personal, sometimes racist attacks on judges and Congressional representatives who disagree with them.

However, to be fair, Trump has no always demanded total judicial conformity - He appointed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court even though she ruled against him in an important deportation case as a 7th Circuit judge. While she also voted to uphold Stephen Miller's overtly bigoted Public Charge rule for gren card applicants, her opinion pointed out a major unfairness in this rule which even its strongest opponents had failed to mention in court. I will discuss this in more detail in a future comment.

But having said this, Trump's entire immigration agenda had been that of an autocrat, issuing order after order by executive decree or regulation,to the point where legal immigration in America is becoming an endangered species.

Since Trump, as president has done little to conceal his contempt for democracy and agenda for dictatorship, why have close to half of the American voters voted to reelect him - especially with his heavy share or responsibility for the failure to control Covid-19, which has taken the lives of a quarter million people on the US to date?

To answer this question, we have to look, not only to Trump's success in fomenting hatred against immigrants of color, but to the three decades of Republican anti-immigrant bigotry which led up to Trump. Republican legislative attempts to cut off legal immigration form nonwhite parts of the world began with the passage of IIRIRA (Illegal Immigration Reform and immigrant Responsibility Act) in 1996 and have continued ever since, as will be described in more detail in Part 2 of this two-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law