Update, November 5, 3:45 pm:

Is Trump getting long-overdue payback for the bigoted Muslim entry ban executive order that he started to push through as one of his first actions upon taking office in 2017? See the November 5 Huffington Post headline:

Muslim and Arab Voters May Have Secured Biden's Michigan Win

Often, what goes around has a funny way of coming back around - even for Donald Trump.

Update, November 5, 1:25 pm:

Trump frantically tweeted this morning that he wants to stop the vote count. He dd not distinguish between legal an illegal ballots. In the same way, during the past four years, Trump has not distinguished between legal and "illegal" immigrants in fomenting hatred and exclusion.

My original comment follows.

As vote counting continues in several key states, despite furious opposition by Donald Trump, including legal challenges which have no basis in fact that anyone has been able to explain so far, media focus has been on Trump's authoritarian (or "neo-fascist", as at least one other commentator has described it) attempt to undermine and invalidate the entire electoral process. But the fact remains that, regardless of the eventual outcome of the presidential election, which Trump might still possibly win with the help of his own appointed Supreme Court justices, Trump has made a much stronger showing than most of the pollsters and pundits expected.

Why were they so wrong? The answer, according to Salon political writer Chauncey de Vega, is that they overlooked the powerful influence of Trump's racism and white supremacy, including his anti-immigrant bigotry. See, November 4:

However the election ends, white supremacy has already won.


This is why, if the Supreme Court hands Trump a second term against the will of the majority of American voters, we can expect many harsh new anti-immigrant actions during the next four years, including the end of most legal immigration and the very possible loss of birthright citizenship for millions of US born Americans of color.

Trump knows how to say thank you to his supporters when he wants to.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law