During the past four years, America has had a president who has done everything in his power (and egregiously abused that power) to change America's legal immigration system from one based on equality and respect for people from all parts of the world, into a white supremacist one in which only immigrants form "Countries like Norway", to use Trump's own words, are welcome.

The votes are still being counted in crucial swing states in an election which will determine whether America will return to the white supremacist immigration policy that was in force for four decades, from 1924 to 1965, or will continue on the path of justice, immigration diversity and racial equality which has been the underlying principle of US immigration law for the past half century

Trump, in true dictator style, has made a false claim of victory and is threatening to go to the Supreme Court, which he has stacked with his own supporters to stop votes from being counted, especially in key, Democratic-leaning urban areas of crucial swing states, according to the latest reports. Not only the future of America's immigration system, but our democracy itself, hangs in the balance.

As I have pointed out previously, this radical change back toward the spirit of the "Nordics only" National Origins 1924 immigration act, which also inspired the German fascist movement a century ago, has come about entirely through executive action by the Trump administration ,without the slightest participation of Congress - which is supposed to make the laws in our democracy. The most recent and radical example of rewriting America's immigration laws through executive branch regulations, completely bypassing Congress, is in Stephen Miller's overtly bigoted new Public Charge rule, which Miller himself boasted would be "socially transformative" - i.e. white supremacist

This rule, which took two years to put through under the APA, should be the first of Trump's many other white supremacist changes to the legal immigration system to be targeted for abolition by a Biden administration (if Biden is eventually elected and Trump agrees to follow that election result - both which are very much in doubt as of this writing.

Would it take two years to get rid of this pernicious Public Charge rule? Will Biden, if he his elected and allowed to take office, appoint an "anti-Miller" immigration expert as his top advisor to undo the tremendous damage that Miller has done to legal immigration, and restore justice, racial equality and respect for human rights to America's immigration system?

And if Trump wins, as may very possibly be the result due to the inherently undemocratic nature of America's antiquated electoral college system, there will be good reason to conclude that Trump's attacks on brown immigrants have been so effective with white voters - especially in rural areas - that they have been willing to trade away America's democracy in favor of electing an authoritarian "strong man" who can "protect" America against the racial diversity that our legal immigration system has given rise to during the past 55 years.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law