As Trump grows more frantic about possible disastrous reelection failure, DHS is reportedly escalating his administration's Crimes Against Humanity and human rights violations by expelling unaccompanied non-Mexican children into Mexico, where they have no family connections, according to a late=breaking New York Times report. See:

Evidently, there is no level of cruelty and inhumanity that Trump is unwilling to sink to in his desperate attempt to bolster his white supremacist credentials to appeal to his bigoted "base" voters in advance of this coming Tuesday's election.

According to the Times, the expulsions, which have affected more than 200 children over the past eight months, violate US diplomatic agreements. It is also difficult to imagine how expelling these children to Mexico could avoid violating US laws protecting the rights of unaccompanied immigrant children at the Mexican border.

As I have mentioned in my previous (October 28) comment, Trump and Miller are reportedly planning to try to abolish birthright citizenship if Trump is reelected (by the Supreme Court's Republican majority in throwing out Pro-Biden mail-in ballots, as Trump is obviously hoping for).

Will expelling millions of US born American citizen children to Mexico be next on the Trump-Miller agenda?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law