The Guardian reports on October 28 that if Trump is reelected, his top immigration advisor, Stephen Miller, has a slew of executive orders ready to be released that would abolish America's guarantee of birthright citizenship and eliminate important immigrant protections such as asylum, TPS and refugee admissions. This is according to Jean Guerrero, author of the Miller biography "Hatemonger". Miller's agenda would also include making the US citizenship test harder to pass. See:

I have been warning for quite some time that Trump and Miller are planning to move on to the third stage of their white supremacist immigration agenda, namely taking away US citizenship from millions of US born Latino, Asian and black Americans in defiance of the birthright citizenship guarantee of the 14th Amendment to the US constitution.

This basic right, without which America would not be the land founded on the ideals freedom and equality as we know it today, was upheld in the 1898 US Supreme Court case of U.S. v, Wong Kim Ark and has been the law of the land ever since. But this doctrine could be in great danger now from the right wing majority in a Supreme Court loaded up with Trump appointees.

The first stage of this agenda, which was the focus Trump's first two years ,was try to abolish the existing protections against mass deportation and sow fear and terror in nonwhite immigrant communities throughout the nation. The second step, which has been the focus of Trump's second two years, has been to eliminate most nonwhite legal immigration though measures such as Miller's new public charge rules and new proposed rules which would in effect abolish the H-1B program, which is especially popular with killed, highly educated Asian immigrants. Trump has also been targeting family and diversity immigration, a main source of nonwhite immigration from Africa and other nonwhite parts pf the world.

The Guardian also writes:

"Becky Monroe, director of the immigrant rights program at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, said white supremacy and white nationalism are not new to the US but Miller;s staying power underlined how accepted it is in the Trump White House."

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law