Almost a year ago, on December 10, 2019, the Center for American Progress warned about the dangers of the Trump administration's assault on human rights Immigrant human rights violations are high on the list. See

President Trump's Alarming Human Rights Agenda at Home and Abroad

The Center's report included the following:

"Shutting the doors on refugees and immigrants

Deviating from previous administrations, refugee and immigration policies under the Trump administration have restricted certain groups - mostly those who are low income, non-Christian and people of color - from entering the the United States."

Thw above was written before Trump's now ongoing attempt to eliminate the H-1B visa, which is used by highly skilled, well educated immigrants, who are mainly from India and China, and therefore can't pass Trump's whites on;y "Countries like Norway" immigration test.

This report was also written before Trump and his Republican supporters put America's democracy itself in danger by trying to undermine the coming presidential election through vote suppression and baseless claims of voter fraud, while Trump himself refuses to promise to abide by the election results and leave office if he loses and threatened to prosecute and lock up political opponents such as Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

The connection between Trump's attempt to turn America's immigration system into an instrument of white supremacy and his assault on our democracy can no longer be ignored.

One of the key components of Trump's attempt to destroy America's legal immigration system, a main factor in the ethnic and religious diversity which is at the heart of America's freedom, is the new immigration Form I-944, part of the Trump/Miller Public Charge immigration rules which the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has recently allowed to go into effect (and which Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, whose nomination Trump's GOP supporters are ramming through in the Senate regardless of the coming election results, also vigorously supported in a recent 7th Circuit dissenting opinion).

The I-944 so-called "Declaration of Self-Sufficiency" is no ordinary immigration application form designed to help immigrants receive green cards. Instead, this form is a minefield, full of booby traps designed to delay, discourage and intimidate qualified legal immigrants who are in full compliance with our laws and entitled to green cards under these laws from even applying in the first place.

In addition, this form gives immigration officers broad discretion to deny green cards for a great variety of reasons, of which having applied for or being adjudged "likely" to receive certain designated public assistance benefits in the future are only a few.

A more detailed look at Form I-944 and how to avoid its pitfalls will appear in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law