The classic road to dictatorship is to single out a targeted group of people as objects of fear and hatred, and then claim to be a "strong" leader who can "protect" the nation against these perceived "enemies". This happened in Germany in the 1930's, and is taking place now, with China's persecution of the Uighur people, It is also taking place in North Korea, with mass incarceration of people accused of being "dissidents" by the regime of the current dictator (whom Donald Trump has gone out of his way at times to praise, just as he has also praised Vladimir Putin).

This same tried and true road to dictatorship is now unfolding before us today in America, as Donald tires to undermine the electoral process on which our democracy depends, threatens to jail the leaders of the opposing party, Joe Biden and former president Barack Obama, as "criminals", and refuses to commit to turning over power to his successor if he loses the November election.

Attacking nonwhite immigrants as "criminals" is central to his strategy, Trump has politicized the DHS to a shocking degree and is turning that agency into a police and propaganda force devoted only to continuing and solidifying its holed on power rather than following the law. The AP reports as follows:

"Immigration and Customs enforcement a component of DHS, posted five billboards across Pennsylvania, a battleground state, with images of migrants charged with criminal offenses whom the agency was seeking to arrest." See, October 7:

Trump administration turns to immigration as vote nears

Demonizing nonwhite immigrants as "criminals" is only part of Trump's broader attack on immigration, which has been a central part of his presidency as well as his reelection campaign. The same AP report also describes Trump's, actions against foreign students, refugees and, above all, green card applicants [with his draconian new "Public Charge" rules, including the burdensome and vindictive USCIS form I-944 which i will be writing about in a separate comment].

Meanwhile , a Stanford University study refutes Trump's claim that "Sanctuary City" policies are leading to an increase in immigrant crime. See, October 21:

Study finds no crime increase in cities that adopted 'sanctuary' policies, despite Trump claims

This is one more piece of evidence that

Trump's attempts to stigmatize and demonize immigrants of color as dangerous criminals to support his drive for absolute power have no basis in reality.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law