Update October 6, 12: 25 pm:

The utter disregard and contempt that Trump has shown for the lives and safety of other people in the deranged way that he is handling his own coronavirus infection (see The Guardian, October 5:

https://www.the guardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/05/trumps-desperation-to-leave-hospital-sows-the-dangers-ahead

is also typical of his entire anti-immigrant agenda.

The Trump-Miller administration's inhuman expulsion of 150,000 Central American asylum seekers on bogus medical grounds against after closing the Mexican border against the advise of his top CDC experts is not the only example of his using the coronavirus pandemic in support of an openly racist anti-immigrant agenda.

Trump's April 22 and June 22 worldwide via entry bans against legally qualifies green card applicants and highly skilled, educated nonimmigrant professionals are part of the same pattern. In addition, Trump has frequently used the racist anti-Asian terms: "kung flu" and "China plague" to refer to the deadly virus - which he continues to deny, deceive about and downplay, even at the arguably mentally unstable risk to his own health and that of his WH staff and closest associates. after leaving the hospital on October 5.

My oroginal comment appears below:

Amid signs that Trump's White House and medical staff at Walter Reed Hospital may be deliberately downplaying the seriousness of Trump's coronavirus condition, just as Trump downplayed the dangers of the deadly disease itself while more than 200,000 people in America died, a shocking new report of Trump's scandalous and very arguably illegal use of the pandemic to advance his racist anti-immigrant agenda has come to light.

According to the new report, Trump's chief anti-immigrant adviser, Stephen Miller, developed a plan, which VP Pence carried out, to use the CDC as an excuse to close the Mexican (and Canadian) borders on bogus coronavirus medical grounds over the strong objections of CDC scientists and officials

The border closing, which had no medical or scientific justification, led to 150,000 Central American asylum seekers, many of them children, being summarily expelled from the US for reasons that had nothing to do with public health. For a full report, see (October 3):


For an incisive comment showing that Trump's anti-immigrant racism (in this case, against refugees, for whom Trump has cut admissions almost to the vanishing point) is only part of a wider racist outlook which is doing incalculable damage to American society, See Juan Williams writing in The Hill:

Trump's toxic race card


It is far past the time when this country's media and commentators should be openly, frankly and honestly discussing the incontrovertible fact that Trump's racist views are at the heart of his entire immigration agenda, including a frantic effort to put an end to most or all legal immigration, especially from nonwhite parts of the world. There is much more to Trump's racist agenda than "merely" trying to bring about mass expulsion of more than 10 million so-called "undocumented" immigrants.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law