Update, September 25, 9:18 pm:

For more on the crisis facing American democracy as a result of Trump's totalitarian ambitions, fueled by his agenda of stirring up fear and hatred against brown immigrants during the past four years of his presidency, see Ruth Marcus in the September 25 Washington Post:

This is not a drill. The Reichstag is burning.

Marcus writes:

"With his repeated refusals this week to acept he peaceful transfer of power - the bedrock principle that has sustained American democracy fro 228 years - President Trump has put the United States, in some ways, where Germany was in 1933, when Adolf Hitler used the suspicious burning of the German parliament to turn a democracy into a totalitarian state."

My original comment follows:

The terrible history of the 20th century, including 60 million lives lost in WW2, shows that dictators need scapegoats to seize and maintain power. From the moment when Donald Trump first announced his presidential candidacy in 2015 with a vicious attack on Mexican immigrants as "criminals" "rapists" and "drug dealers", followed up a call to ban all Muslims in the entire world from entering the United States, it is clear that Donald Trump has found his scapegoat - all nonwhite immigrants.

This includes not only so-called "illegal", or "undocumented" immigrants, as some sources contend. It includes all immigrants who are not from "Countries like Norway" to quote Trump's own words at at January, 2018 White House meeting.

It includes mainly Indian and Chinese highly skilled and well-educated professional H-1B immigrants, whom Trump has recently banned from entering the US, using the coronavirus pandemic (which he once predicted would "just disappear - like a miracle" and has now taken 200,00 US lives) as a transparent pretext.

Trump is also now reportedly in the process of changing the H-1B regulations in order to make this visa virtually impossible to obtain for immigratns who are already in the US.

Trump has also attacked and pledged to eliminate the Diversity visa and most family based green cards, which are also major sources of legal immigration from non-European parts of the world. Stephen Miller's greatly expanded new version of the ancient "Public Charge" rule, with its long history of anti-immigrant bigotry, is a major step in this direction. These are only a few highlights of Trump's much broader war on legal immigration, which also includes barring most refugees, appalling human rights violations against,asylum seekers, and trying to end DACA

Where is Trump's attempt to eliminate all legal immigration in America (as Trump announced he intended to so on April 20, Adolf Hitler's birthday leading America?

In evident desperation over Biden's consistent lead in the polls as the November election grows closer, Trump's attacks on the election process and attempts to undermine voting by mail as "fraudulent", "rigged" and a "disaster" without the slightest . evidence are growing more strident and frantic. At the same time, the danger that Trump may simply refuse is abide by the election results and declare martial law to stay in power is closer to becoming a reality.

There can be no doubt that Trump's war on nonwhite legal immigration is providing fuels there these and many other of Trump's abuses of power which are putting America's democracy in acute danger. On July 10, th Washington Post published an article by investigative financial and legal journalist Jonathan Greenberg entitled

Twelve signs Trump would try to run a fascist dictatorship in a second term

(sorry, i can't ;locate the URL for this article - pleas use Google to access)

Sign #11 in the article reads as follows

"Trump subscribes to a doctrine of genetic superiority and incited racial hatred to gain power. He has rallied his base with dog-whistle attacks, calling Mexicans rapists and criminals. When he attacked a group of progressive members of Congress from diverse backgrounds, he stated that hey should go back to the places they came from. Over the years Trump has frequently praised his 'winning' genes, at one point telling an interviewer, 'I'm proud to have German blood - there's no question about it.'"

This same notion of supposed genetic superiority and inferiority formed the basis of the 1924 immigration act, which limited US immigration to Europeans only (mainly from Northern Europe) and which Hitler praised in Mein Kampf because of that US law's racist ideology.

Trump's chief immigration advisor, Stephen Miller, has reportedly expressed admiration for this openly white supremacist law in his recently leaked emails, and the idea of white racial superiority very arguably underlines Trump's entire immigration agenda, just as it did in Hitler's rise to power.

To be sure, Trump is not in the least anti-Jewish. He does not support mass murder or extermination. Trump is not Hitler. But in using hatred and prejudice against brown immigrants as a means to gain absolute power, Trump is using Hitler's methods. Unless Americans stand up against this strategy and speak out in favor of the human rights of both legal and unauthorized immigrants which are now being trampled on by the Trump regime, our democracy may soon disappear.

To be continued in my next comment on this topic.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law