Update, September 16, 7:36 pm:

Since everyone seems to agree that the two presidential candidates should be asked to explain their views on immigration enforcement, someone might want to ask Donald Trump at one of the presidential debates whether he would cooperate with an investigation that Nancy Pelosi is calling for into allegations of appalling human rights violations at an ICE detention center, including performing hysterectomies on women detainees without their consent. See The Guardian, September 16:


My earlier comment appears below:

There have been suggestions that it is important to know where the presidential candidates stand on enforcing the laws against illegal immigration. See, for example, Ballotpedia:


Unauthorized immigration is an important issue to be sure, and an open discussion between the candidates would give Biden an opportunity to point out that even so called "illegal" immigrants have basic human rights under international law; and that putting immigrant children in cages, separating them from their parents, or denying detained children the necessities of life such as soap and toothbrushes (as the Trump administration contended in federal court that it had the right to do) violates those rights.


A frank and open discussion of the immigration enforcement issue would also give Biden the opportunity to explain the urgent need for large-scale legalization of the kind that America has not has since the Reagan era.

Biden could also take this opportunity to show how Trump has been fomenting animosity against immigrants in general including, recently, banning most legal immigrants from entering the US, as a distraction from the campaign of denial and falsehoods about the coronavirus plague that he has now admitted (according to every major news network report on Bob Woodward's latest book) conducting, and which has very arguably contributed to the almost 200,000 deaths that the US has suffered (so far) from this outbreak

But enforcing the laws against "illegal" or "undocumented" immigrants is only part of the immigration issue facing America today. Equally important, if not even more so, are Trump's attempts to shut down most, if not all, of America's legal immigration system in order to keep America white. As American Friends' Service Committee (AFSC) succinctly summarizes this in an April 23 article:

Trump's attacks on legal immigration explained

"By keeping more people out, deporting people who are here, and creating an atmosphere of nativism and fear that affects everybody, Trump is dramatically refducing immigration to the United States, particularly for people of color."


This article contains a long list of legal immigration programs which Trump has been trying to dismantle or abolish,- including (to list just a few)

1) The Muslim ban (now expanded to several non-Muslim majority African and Asian countries)

2) Reducing refugee admissions

3) Attacking the Diversity Visa Program

4) Imposing a "wealth test" for legal immigrants Public Charge rule - since blocked by the federal courts)

The above AFSC article was written before Trump's overtly racist June 22 ban on entry by mainly Indian and Chinese H-1B and other highly skilled and educated "Merit-based" visa applicants - the same immigrants whom Trump previously claimed to favor as a pretext for trying to .abolish most legal family-based immigration.

Yes, by all means let's find out where Trump and Biden stand on immigration enforcement - which has reached a level of cruelty and created a climate of fear in immigrant communities and carried out injustices and human rights violations against nonwhite immigrants to a far greater extent than under any previous president in the past more than fifty years.

But let us also find out where the candidates stand on legal immigration - which is now in danger of disappearing entirely in a second (or illegal third or fourth Trump term - which Trump has also suggested he would kike to see happen as part of the drive for dictatorship which his persecution of brown immigrants is ultimately aimed toward.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law