Update: September 14 at 1:01 pm:

As further evidence that Trump is serious about extending his already existing dictatorship over large parts of America's legal immigration system into full dictatorship and the end of democracy, as I maintain below, AOL reports on September 14 that Trump prompted the crowd at his latest rally to chant to lock up former President Barack Obama. See:


Why is Trump so intent on locking up his political opponents? In part, this is because they have been telling the truth about his real immigration objectives - closing America's gates to all nonwhite legal immigrants.

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Ever since Donald Trump took office, as well as long before, there has been a steady drumbeat of attempts by organizations such as FAIR to stoke anti-immigrant hysteria by claiming that America has lost control of its borders and that there are allegedly so many "undocumented" or "illegal" immigrants in the US that there is no way even to count them accurately. See, for example: FAIR (September, 2019):

How Many Illegal Aliens Live in the United States?


Stoking animosity against "illegal" immigrants (which Trump uses as a metaphor for all immigrants - he doesn't distinguish between unauthorized and legal immigrants from what he refers to as "shithole", i.e. nonwhite, countries) without question helped to put Trump in office in the first place. See, Jennifer Rubin, writing in the Washington Post on April 26, 2017 shortly after Trump took office:

Hysteria over illegal immigration is baseless

But the real immigration story in America today is not about unauthorized immigration. It is about Trump's attempt to shut down most, if not all, of the entire legal immigration system. See the September 11 Washington Post editorial:

In a new term, Trump would further seal the gates of a Fortress America

In this editorial, which is part of the Post's "Democracy in peril" series, the Editorial Board writes:

"Without the assent of Congress, President Trump has remade almost every major facet of America's immigration system over the past thre-plus years, slashing levels of legal and illegal arrivals: refugees and asylum-seekers; Muslim and Christian migrants. He has sought to strip citizenship from naturalized Americans and subject 'dreamers' raised in this country to deportation...If re-elected, it is likely Mr. Trump would do more of the same in pursuit of a Fortress America hostile to newcomers - a goal radically at odds with the nation's long term interest and the views and wishes of most Americans."

The Post's editorial continues:

"...the thrust of [Trump's] nativist vision has taken root in hundreds of rule changes and policy shifts which have slammed shut America's doors. In the process, he has stunted the nation's traditional role as a beacon to people seeking refuge from tyranny and a pathway to success through hard work."

This is the real immigration issue that America would face in a second Trump term (or a third or fourth fourth term as Trump has already claimed he will seek in open defiance of our Constitution). The issue is not whether or not it is possible to do a head count of unauthorized immigrants in the United States. It is whether America will continue to have a functioning legal immigration system - or whether, in a new Trump term every legal immigrant in America will be turned into an "illegal" one because there is no longer a functioning system of extending legal status or obtaining green cards, while our borders are sealed against new legal arrivals.

And these are not by any means far-fetched or unlikely possibilities. September 1, only two weeks ago, was originally scheduled to be the date when USCIS would lay off 70 percent of its staff and effectively shut down its operations based on what turned out to be a false budget crisis. And bans on entry of legal immigrants from many parts of the world due to utterly contrived and concocted reasons, (including the pandemic which Trump has done almost everything in his power to spread and which has already killed almost 200,000 Americans so far), are already in effect.

This has nothing to do with "enforcing the laws" against "illegal" immigration, as Trump and his top immigration officials claim. It has everything to do with shutting America's doors to mainly nonwhite legal immigrants

Trump's racist war on primarily Indian and Chinese H-1B, workers, which I will discuss in detail in part 2 of his 2-part series, is only the latest feature in this white supremacist attack against legal immigration.

See the June 29 article by two University of Calgary (Canada) professors, Pallavi Banerjee and Pratim Sengupta:

Trump's suspension of H-1B visas is a racist attack on immigrants - and a bad move for the economy


But fomenting animosity over "illegal" immigration as a distraction from Trump's main objectives is not only dangerous for the survival of H-1B and the rest of America's legal immigration system. It is also dangerous for the survival of our democracy. On April 20, Adolf Hitler's birthday, Trump announced that he was planning to put an end to all legal immigration by executive order.

This is not democracy. It is dictatorship.

While this has not yet happened, Trump has already used executive orders.to shut down large parts of the immigration system., beginning with his first Muslim ban order in 2017 up until his most recent June 22 order banning millions of qualified temporary and permanent immigration applicants from entering the US legally.

However, Trump is not satisfied with being a dictator for immigration only. Roger Stone, former director of Fox News and a convicted felon whose prison sentence Trump shamefully and unpardonably commuted, has now recommended that if Trump loses the upcoming election, he should declare martial law, rule by decree and jail his political opponents, including Bill and Hillary Clinton. See, The Guardian, September 13:

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ 2020/sep/13/roger-stone-to-donald-trump-bring-in-martial-law-if-you-lose-election

While this may sound extreme, Trump has already made countless statements as president showing his preference for dictatorship over democracy. Just as few people took seriously the extreme statements by the 20th century German Fuehrer on whose birthday Trump chose to make his threat to shut down all legal immigration, the media have tended to gloss over Trump's attacks on democracy and support for dictatorship as if these were just incidental asides.They are not just asides; they are Trump's governing ideology.

The danger that Trump, fueled by his successes in establishing dictatorship in many areas of immigration (though not all, thanks to some independent and courageous federal court judges) will act on Roger Stone's advice if Trump loses (or if he wins) could be very real.

To be continued in Part 2.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law