The Associated Press reports that US District Judge Mehta in Wisconsin has ordered the Trump administration to resume processing of stalled immigrant visa (green card) applications for more than 900 Diversity visa lottery winners, instead of sitting on its hands and refusing to process them before the time to do so by law runs out at the end of the fiscal year on September 30. See AP"

In ruling, judge throws lifeline to diversity visa lottery

This is one more shocking example of Trump's placing himself above the law by effectively cancelling the Congressionally enacted Diversity visa law, which has enabled over a million mainly nonwhite immigrants to obtain legal green cards during the past three decades. A significant percentage of immigrants who benefit from this form of legal immigration are from Africa.

But there is one problem: the president is not very happy with the idea of black and brown immigrants coming to the US legally. A new memoir by Trump's convicted former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, reveals comments by the president about black immigrants, as well as former president Barack Obama (and even the world-honored human rights icon Nelson Mandela!) that are too obscene to repeat here. To give only one example, Cohen alleges that Trump specifically included any country with a black leader in his definition of "shithole" countries.

These (alleged) racist insults are so despicable as to make the entire United States an object of worldwide contempt, and to disgrace the office of president.of the United States of America. See:

America's problem is not only that we now very arguably have the most overtly and outspokenly racist president in our entire history (or at least one of the most racist) but that this president is using anti-immigrant racism as a key element in his drive to overthrow our democracy and seize absolute power - as I have been showing in previous comments.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law