In a throwback to the spirit of the infamous Chinese exclusion laws beginning in 1882, the most overly racist immigration laws in all of US history, Donald Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo are reportedly considering a ban on admission to the US by all Chinese students, on the pretext that a few of these students are allegedly working for the Chinese Peoples Liberation army. This is only the latest step in Trump's policy of reducing or eliminating nonwhite immigration by holding an entire racial or religious group responsible for the actions of a small number of members of that group. See: The Hill, August 31:

This policy began with Trump's Muslim ban executive order in the first days of his presidency, in which Trump sought to carry out a campaign promise to ban all Muslims world-wide from entering the US.

After the US Supreme Court turned a blind eye to the obvious bigotry in Trump's Muslim ban order and upheld the ban (in modified form) based on an obviously concocted "national security" pretext, the ban was subsequently extended to include other Asian and African countries that were not predominantly Muslim.

This latest threat to bring back the spirit of 19th century and early 20th century Chinese exclusion laws - which targeted immigrants who were deemed to be racially incapable of assimilating to American society according to the prejudices of that time, is one more sign of the white supremacist ideology that underlies Trump's entire immigration agenda of excluding and expelling legal as well as "illegal" immigrants.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law