With the November election only two months away (unless Donald Trump succeeds in his attempt to cancel it or make it impossible to count all the votes), it is increasingly urgent to understand that the election will be a referendum, not just on the Trump presidency, but on whether America will remain a democracy.

Much as the mainstream media would like to do so, it is no longer possible to avoid the ominous parallels between America in the Trump era and 20th Century European history. These similarities are discussed in a chilling June 29 article by Eric Chenoweth of the Shanker Institute called:

Can It Happen Here? Donald Trump and The Fracturing Of America's Constitutional Order


In a careful and exhaustive analysis of the similarities between Trump's drive for absolute power and the downfall of the German Weimar Republic, Chenoweth identifies two important factors involving Trump's attempts to eliminate both undocumented and legal nonwhite immigrants from American society. These factors are 1) The Big Lie and 2) the need to scapegoat and stoke hatred against a targeted community or communities of people.

He writes:

"Take the case of immigration policy. As supposed unstoppable flood of criminal aliens from Mexico and Central America is falsely claimed to be a dire threat to the nation's economy and identity - even its existence."

One might add that Trump's use of the Big Lie to stir up fears and hatred against nonwhite immigrants is not limited to targeting immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Nor is it limited to "undocumented" or "illegal" immigrants.

On April 22, two days after he had vowed (on April 20, Adolf Hitler's birthday) to end all legal immigration to the US, Trump issued a ban against entry by legal immigrants from all over the world - but mainly impacting immigrants from outside white Europe. The ban applied only to legal immigrants who were eligible to receive green cards under our immigration laws.

It had nothing to do with the "illegal" or "undocumented" immigrants.whom Trump and some of his supporters are trying to focus intention on as a diversion from Trump's own appalling record of misconduct and abuse of power as president.

Then, on June 22, Trump followed with a ban on entry by H-1, L-1 and J-1 legal immigrants, including many of the most highly skilled and educated "Merit-based" immigrants whom he had previously falsely claimed to support. Both bans were based on the Big Lie that these immigrants, many of whom are from India and China, were "stealing" the jobs of Americans who are unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic - which Trump himself bears heavy responsibility for spreading out of control and causing the deaths of nearly 180,000 American to date.

Chenoweth continues:

"Therefore [according to Trump] extreme policies must be adopted to stop the 'invasion,' including by anti-constitutional means. Build a 2,000 mile, 45-foot high wall to keep 'illegals' from entering th country...Expel undocumented immigrants, no matter what the number. Force asylum seekers to wait across the border to be knowingly subjected to violence. When that fails, declare a nonexistent national emergency to appropriate funds from other departments."

What do all these wgregious human rights violations against "undocumented" immigrants, along with a whole slew of actions which I have written about previously aimed at keeping brown legal immigrants out of the US, have in common? They all identify brown immigrants from every part of the world, legal as well as undocumented, as the "enemy" - as "criminals", "job stealers" and carriers of disease (as in Trump's racist "kung flu" epithet) who must be kept out or expelled from America at all costs- even at the cost of dictatorship.

This is the same strategy that Hitler used against the Jews in order to overthrow the Weimar Republic in Germany in 1933.

To be continued in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law