According to some estimates, the number of US deaths from coronavirus per week will continue to be around 10,000 from now through September. This is equivalent to three times as many people who died in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center 19 years ago every single week.

170,000 Americans have already died from what some people are now beginning to call "Trump's plague" - not that Trump is responsible for the initial introduction of this deadly virus to the human species in China - of course he is not. But his consistent denial of the seriousness of this pandemic; his insistence that it would somehow magically go away; his promotion of fake cures; his attempts to undermine his own medical experts, and above all, his war on essential precautions such as face masks and his insistence on opening schools and other public facilities despite the obvious danger of infection, have unquestionably contributed to making the US the "home" of one fourth of the world's total number of coronavirus cases.

So what is Trump's strategy to deal with the terrible damage to this country that he has done so much to contribute to? It is the same that he has used from his first week in office - to divert attention from every problem that America faces - by blaming immigrants and making them scapegoats.

And the coronavirus plague is not the only disaster that America is facing which Trump bears at least part of the responsibility for. Racial tensions are now boiling over and have led to violent protests in some instances. Of course, Trump did not create these tensions - they are as old as America itself, But he has poured gasoline on the flames of racial divisiveness in many different ways, not the least of which are his attempts to cut off and ban legal immigration from nonwhite parts of the world that he refers to as "shithole" countries.

Here again, Trump's strategy has been to divert attention from his own racist policies and rhetoric by making immigrants his prime scapegoats. This includes all immigrants, both legal and those without status, but undocumented immigrants are the most convenient targets of all.

But, as Americans ,we have to ask ourselves: have 170..000 people died (so far) from this country's worst plague in 100 years, and have riots broken out in many parts of the country because many immigrants have overstayed their visas or entered the US without inspection?

Or to put it differently are undocumented immigrants really the most dangerous threat facing America today? Or are they mainly a convenient whipping boy to divert attention from Trump's appalling misuse (and abuse) of his powers as president that have also (among other things) wrecked our economy and caused terrible suffering and hardship to millions of Americans?

But the above does not by any means complete the list of acute dangers that the Trump regime is posing to America and the American people, dangers which far outweigh any possible threat from immigrants who overstay their visas or enter EWI, which is what illegal or "undocumented" immigration essentially consists of. By seeking to destroy the Post Office in order to prevent millions of American from exercising their voting rights during a pandemic, Trump is attacking the foundations of our democracy by putting this Novembers' election into question and suggstign that it should be postponed or cancelled.

It is against this background, of our current president's racism, plague denial and support for dictatorship that the charge raised by some observers that Kamala Harris would allegedly be "weak" on illegal immigration if she ever became president should be examined.

It is also worth noting that Joe Biden, who is only 3 years older than Trump himself, is in excellent health. While Trump is also evidently in good physical health, questions about his psychological health remain unanswered. But this is beyond the scope of this comment.

In Part 2 of this 2-part series, I will look at the accusations that Kamala Harris is too sympathetic to "illegal" immigrants in more detail. These charges are summarized, to give one example, in an August 12 article by the avowedly anti-immigrant group Numbers USA. See:

VP Candidate Kamala Harris - Pleases Wall Street & Silicon Valley, which means Bad News for American Workers

A detailed look at the doubts that have been raised about whether Harris would be "tough" enough on undocumented immigrants will show that the main complaints against her boil down to the fact that, unlike Donald Trump and Stephen Miller, Harris recognizes all immigrants, with and without legal status, as human beings with basic human rights.

To be continued in Part 2.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law