Joe Biden has made a wise choice in selecting Senator Kamala Harris for his running mate from the immigration perspective. Based on both her background and her record, Harris clearly regards immigrants as human beings who are entitled to justice and human rights - not as "animals", "snakes" and "invaders" from "shithole" countries as Donald Trump has described them.

Harris has spoken out against Trump's Mexican border wall of hate, which she has denounced as a "vanity project". She has also supported DACA and opposed mass deportation. As the child of immigrant parents (India and Jamaica) she was also in charge of a job training program for ex-convicts that allowed unauthorized immigrants to participate. She also helped to create legislation that protected unauthorized immigrants who report crimes from deportation. See:

Given her background, Senator Harris can certainly be relied on to work with Joe Biden, not only to put an end to Trump's border wall of humiliation and contempt against Latino and other brown immigrants, but also to demolish the wall of regulations and authoritarian diktats that Trump and Stephen Miller have been building against legal immigration as part of their agenda of maintaining white supremacy in America.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law