The Washington Post reports on August 10 that the Trump administration is planning to take its anti-immigrant agenda to a new level of racism and fascism by banning US citizens and permanent residents from entering the US through the Mexican border if they show any signs of possible coronavirus infection.

This reported plan would come from a president who has not shown very much interest in trying to control the repaid spread of coronavirus in the US itself, where infections have now passed the 5 million mark and 150,000 people have died from the disease. The same president who has been trying to force schools to reopen and has been calling for sports events to go ahead as if there were no pandemic at all, and who for a long time even refused to wear a face mask himself, only seems to be concerned about the disease when nonwhite people try to enter the US.

Nor does the fact that banning US citizens and permanent residents from entering the US purely by presidential decree is against US law. To the contrary, it is the purest form of fascism. Will expulsion of nonwhite US citizens who may be infected with the disease be next on Donald Trump's agenda?

For details of this latest contemplated step toward totalitarianism in America, see Washington Post, August 10:

White House looks at plan to keep out citizens and legal permanent residents

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law