Update: July 31 at 9:58 pm:

According to the latest news reports, The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 party line decision, has refused to halt construction of Trump's fascist border wall of hate. If Trump tries to cancel this November's election and seize total power, also fascist style. will the High Court allow that too?

Does the Republican-dominated Court see its role as an independent branch of the government, or is its role becoming closer to that of Germany's Volksgericht during the Nazi period?

My original comment follows.

With its usual underestimation of Donald Trump's ambition and ruthless drive for absolute power, the US media establishment is treating his announcement that he wants to cancel the November presidential election (which obviously what he means by "postponing" it) as if it were just another idle thought or late night tweet. But, as has happened so often before, with Trump, ideas or suggestions that seem too outrageous to be taken seriously turn out to be his actual policies.

Nowhere is this more true than with respect to immigration, where Trump has already been running a fascist dictatorship, or something approaching it, for the past three years.

Nor should anyone be surprised by the open racism of Trump's announcement that he has rescinded an Obama-era regulation which might have led to building low-income housing in rich white suburban neighborhoods. It is impossible to continue to ignore the fact that Trump's anti-immigrant agenda is based on the goal of attaining white "ethnic purity", and that this racist, authoritarian agenda has been the template for his policies in many other policy areas

Trump is now making clear beyond any dispute that the racist dictatorship that he has been setting up with regard to immigration is his goal for all of American society.

On February 24, the same day that Trump's Public Charge rile, which was meant to be and is the biggest blow against legal immigration since 1924 first went into effect (even though a federal judge has now temporarily blocked it once again) The Guardian published the most comprehensive and damning analysis of what it calls Trump's "single-minded obsession with halting foreign immigration".

"Foreign" immigration, here, obviously means immigration from outside Europe. See:

For Trump and Modi, ethnic purity is the purpose of power


The Guardian's article, by Jason Stanley, Yale Philosophy professor and author of
How Fascism Works, states:

"The president has previously complained about immigrants from 'shithole countries suggested a policy that prefers migrants from 'countries like Norway'. And his administration has assiduously prioritized changes in immigration laws. His first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, called for a return to something like the 1924 immigration act, which banned immigration from Asia and severely restricted the entry of other people considered racially undesirable."

To be continued

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law