In the dark times of Trump era anti-immigrant racism and repression, history will that there were courageous individuals who stood up and acted to uphold America's core values of justice, racial equality and the rule of law. One such individual is US District Judge George B. Daniels, US District Judge for the Southern District of New York, who on July 29 issued and new nationwide preliminary injunction barring the pernicious Trump-Miller Public Charge rule, which the court found disproportionately affects immigrants of color. The basis of his decision was the changed circumstances to to the rapidly spreading Covid-19 plague (the Court's term - not just mine).

These changed circumstances, Judge Daniels ruled, made it appropriate and not inconsistent with the Supreme Court's previous ruling vacating his earlier injunction, to issue a new injunction. Referring to the wide spread of the coronavirus pandemic since April, which has no taken over 150,000 US lives, the Court stated:

"What is clear, however, is that the irreparable harm and public interests that warrant an injunction have come into deeper focus in the intervening months since the Supreme Court issued its stay. What were previously theoretical harms have proven to be true. We no longer need to imagine the worst case scenario; we are experiencing its dramatic effects in very real time."

The injunction also means that the burdensome new I-944 form which I have discussed in my previous, July 28 ID comment is no longer required, at least not while this injunction remains in effect. For a link to the full text of the injunction, see:

To be continued.
Roger Algase
Attorney at Law