Update: July 21, 6:40 pm:

Even ac this comment was being written, Trump issued another fascist immigration related executive order purporting to block unauthorized immigrants from being counted toward House representation in the 2020 census. One more sign that the constitution and the workings of our democracy mean nothing to a president determined to seize authoritarian power using anti-immigrant white supremacy as his main selling point. See, The Hill, July 21:


My earlier comment follows:

There are growing signs that the practice of ruling by decree and state violence which has characterized the Trump administration's agenda of exclusion and expulsion against nonwhite immigrants during the past 3 and a half years is spreading beyond immigration policy and leading to a wider fascist dictatorship in which all Americans will lose their legal and human rights.

The Washington Post reports on July 20 that what began as Trump's brutality and militarization of the southern border to keep out legitimate Central American asylum seekers is now spreading into a to too send federal troops in Chicago and other major American cities to put down peaceful protests against racial injustice and Trump's appalling refusal to take action to stop the Covid-19 plague from spreading even further.

See Washington Post, July 20

Trump threatens to deploy federal agents to Chicago and other U.S. cities led by Democrats

Now, desperate asylum seekers trying to escape gang violence in Central America may not be the only people to face Trump's tear gas, rubber bullets and inhuman prison conditions. As shown by the recent federal troops stamping out free speech in Portland, American citizens trying to assert their constitutional freedoms are now beginning to face the same kind of brutal, fascist-style repression. from the Trump regime.

In an even more alarming development, .The Guardian reports that Trump has been consulting with law professor John Yoo, author of the notorious Bush administration "Torture Memos" which tried to justify the legality of the abominable interrogation practice known as waterboarding. According to the Guardian's report Yoo now has a new theory, based on a distorted, upside down interpretation of the Supreme Court's recent DACA decision, that would allow Trump to ignore the laws protecting immigrants' and other civil rights and rule entirely by decree, just has he has been doing with immigration from the time that he issued his first Muslim Ban executive order in January, 2017. See:


I will discuss this ominous development in more detail in my next comment on this topic.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law