Update, July 10, 12:20 pm:
For more on the devastating effect that Trump's and his administration's vicious, ugly racism is having on deserving foreign students who are now threatened with deportation if they don't expose themselves to the deadly coronavirus plague by attending in person school classes, see Washington Post, July 10:


My earlier comment appears below.

Harvard and M.I.T. have filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to enjoin a new Trump administration order, issued without any warning or advance notice, that could threaten millions of legal F-1 students with deportation unless they put their health and their lives at risk by attending in person classes instead of entirely online ones.

The order would also throw the entire US educational system into chaos by forcing US schools and colleges to gamble with the health and lives of their students by offering in person classes even as the number of coronavirus infections in the US passes the 3 million mark. The only purpose of the new order, which combines the utmost in irrationality with a cruelty that verges on sadism, is to force hundreds of thousands of foreign students, most of them from China, India , South Korea and other Asian or other nonwhite countries, to leave the United States. For the NY Times (June 8) report, see:


The Times report states that the Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, is planning to join the lawsuit, along with many other US Universities. The paper quotes Healey as follows:

"Massachusetts is home to thousands of international students who should not fear deportation or be forced to put their health or safety at risk in order to advance their education."

She added:

"This decision from ICE is cruel. it's illegal and we will sue to stop it."

As a July 7 Washington Post Editorial also points out, the new ICE order is only one more step in the Trump administration's program of dismantling America's entire legal immigration system in order to make this country whiter once again. See:

Trump uses the coronavirus to impede immigration. His aim at foreign students is a new low.

Gayatri Devi, writing in The Guardian, also comments as follows (on July 9):

It's hard not to view the new rules, soon to be published in the Federal Register, as an attempt by the Trump administration to exploit a global health pandemic for racist and xenophobic political ends. Many of the students affected are people of color."


But it is not only America's legal immigration system that is at risk of extinction from Donald Trump and his enablers in the administration, Congress and the Supreme Court. By taking America's immigration system back toward 1920's style white supremacy by executive decrees which entirely bypass Congressional action, Trump is undermining our democracy itself.

Just as American schools and universities, which depend in large part on foreign students, would be devastated if Trump's latest order is allowed to take effect, this country's democracy is also in danger of disappearing as long as Trump remains in office.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.