Donald Trump has justly come under fire for enabling or even encouraging millions of American citizens to exposed themselves to the deadly coronavirus which has already claimed more than 125,000 US lives even as the president falsely claims that the virus is "99 per cent harmless", (Even if through, this would still mean a fatality rate of 1 out of every hundred who catch the virus, i.e 10,000 out of every million who get infected - an not inconsiderable number in itself). Trump has actively enabled the spread of the virus by holding rallies and encouraging GOP dominated states to "reopen", leading to a disastrous skyrocketing of cases in states such as Florida, Arizona and Texas (as well as Democratically dominated California).

But at least these Americans have the option to chose to protect themselves against the coronavirus plague. No one in America is compelled by law to go to bars, to the beach - or to a Trump rally (not yet, at any rate - America is not yet North Korea no matter how hard Trump tries to move the country in that direction by calling anyone who opposes him a "traitor").. But, now, according to the Trumps administration's latest diktat, foreign students will be required to expose themselves to coronavirus by attending in-school classes under penalty of deportation. And if the school in which they are enrolled offers online classes only in order to protect the health and safety of its students, the F-1 students will the be required to switch to a school that does offer in-person classes and thereby exposes its student to the deadly virus.

This decree, which entirely subverts the purpose of the F-1 law, has nothing to do with education or with health. It is only one more attempt by the Trump administration to put an end to nonwhite immigration in any form, legal or otherwise. As the Washington Post Editorial Board points out, most of the affected F-1 students coem form India, China and South Korea. See, Washington Post editorial (July 7):

Trump uses the coronavirus to impede immigration. His aim at foreign students is a new low

The Post's editorial board points out that this latest outrage is not an isolated event, but part of a concerted plan to reduce or eliminate nonwhite legal immigration to the vanishing point:

"None of that [hardship or danger to American schools, universities] and their foreign students matters to Mr. Trump, who has made it a personal and political crusade to rid the nation, to the extent possible, of foreigners. Last month, his administration suspended work visas for various non-immigrant categories and widened a ban on new green cards fro immigrants outside of this country. Under cover of the pandemic, asylum seekers have been effectively banned from the united States for the first time in modern history, and many U.S. embassies and consulates remain shut. closing off avenues of legal entry for visitors, workers and immigrants alike."

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law .