It appears that there is no limit to the deliberate cruelty and contempt for human rights, including not only the right to freedom from racial discrimination, but the right to life itself, that the Trump-Miller administration is willing to engage in to accomplish its goal of shutting down America's legal immigration system and purging this nation of nonwhite immigrants.

In a July 6, announcement, ICE, which is responsible for the F-1 student SEVIS program announced that no F-1 student will be granted a visa, admitted to the United States, or allowed to stay in this country unless he or she is willing to risk being exposed to coronavirus infection by attending in person classes.

At the same time, the new order places an impossible burden on American schools and universities, which will be forced to choose between rejecting foreign students entirely or assuming responsibility for their deaths.

Specifically, ICE has announced that it will not recognize school programs that consist of online instruction only as valid for F-1 purposes. Students will be required to spend at least part of their time in in-person classes where they risk coronavirus infection. See, Washington Post, July 6;

International students must take classes in person to stay in the country legally this fall, ICE announces

The timing of this announcement,coming while even the most solidly Trump-supporting state governors are being forced to cut back on their plans to "reopen" their states for business and social gatherings by the sky rocketing infection and death rates from a deadly disease which Trump outrageously claims is "99 percent harmless" and "about to disappear.' id beyond appalling..It is only the latest incidence of a Trump administration immigration agenda which places far more importance on keeping America white an protecting human life.

This vile assault on the lives of foreign students who only wish to avail themselves of an education in the US as provided by our immigration laws, which Trump and Miller are trying to overturn and subvert by executive or administrative decrees, is sure to be challenged in court. If the affected schools and colleges fail to do so, it will mean that both our educational system which is free overnment government control, and our democracy, are on their way out in Donald Trump's and Stephen Miller's America.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law