A media apparently obsessed with stories about protesters pulling down stone statues of long dead white men that are only symbolic and will have no actual effect on the lives of anyone in America, are at the same time downplaying or ignoring the way that Donald Trump and his grand inquisitor, Stephen Miller are busy pulling down the edifice of America's legal immigration system which, for the past 55 years, has been built on the principle of justice, racial equality and respect for human rights that was enshrined in the landmark immigration reform law of 1965. That law, it will be remembered, ended four decades of white supremacist immigration law which barred virtually all immigrants who were not from Northern Europe (or the "Western Hemisphere" from entering the United States legally..

On June 22, Trump and miller put through a major escalation of their attempts to tear down this edifice of justice, equality and immigrant human rights by, for the first time. extending their racist anti-immigrant agenda to the most high;y skilled and educated immigrants with the greatest potential to grow our economy at this critical time, merely because the great majority of the affected immigrants are from India and other Asian countries rather than mainly white Europe.

In extending an April 22 ban against family immigrants, designed to bar presumably less skilled or educated immigrants who are also mainly from outside Europe to H-1B, L-1 and other skilled immigrants, Trump showed the falsity and hypocrisy of his earlier claim that his campaign to reduce or eliminate family and Diversity green cards was aimed at putting immigration on a "Merit-based" footing. Trump's latest, June 22 ban is directed precisely against those same "Merit-based immigrants whom he previously claimed to support.

Meanwhile, not unexpectedly, a writer associated with the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) which generally supports Trump's attempt to cut back or eliminate most legal immigration, is blaming immigrants crossing to the US at the Mexican border for the appalling increase in coronavirus cases in Texas caused by that state's governor's following Trump's lead in denying that coronavirus is a problem at all and refusing to take measures to protect that state's citizens before it was too late.

Trump's strategy toward coronavirus is now all too obvious: pretend that the plague doesn't exist or in Trump's latest twist, is mainly "harmless" - except when Covid -19 can be used as an excuse to scapegoat nonwhite immigrants. Then, coronavirus suddenly becomes serious indeed.

More more on the alleged coronavirus threat from Mexican border crossers, even as hospitals are overflowing with coronavirus cases is Houston, even hours drive away from the border, due to theTexas governor's negligence and denial, see Todd Bensman (July 6):

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For more on the racist motivation behind Trump's and Miller's ban on H-1B and L-1 jskilled wprker visas, see The Conversation, June 29:

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Regarding the real reason for the soaring coronavirus infections in Texas and other states with mainly pro-Trump governors (except California) see Jennifer Rubin, (Washington Post, July 6)

Here are the governors who hurt so many, so needlessly


Roger Algase
Attorney at Law