This comment is a continuation of my July 1 discussion of an article by Sonali Kolhatkar, an Indian-American writer and radio host whose parents are not allowed to join her in the US because of Trump's and Miller's ban against entry by family based immigrants as part of their racist, white supremacist, assault on legal immigration.

Kohatkar's article shows that using coronavirus caused unemployment as the pretext for the ban is the ultimate in hypocrisy., as Trump has been trying to end nonwhite legal immigration from his first days in office, puttign forth one excuse after another. (Trump is even still insisting that coronavirus will magically disappear, even as the US experiences 50,000 new cases per day, due in large part to Trump's deceptive and irresponsible call for "reopening" America for business to help his re-election campaign.)

For Kolhatkar's full article, see:

She writes:

"Immigration is not just about the economy. Our system is designed to unify families and is a legal right for many Americans."

She continues:

"Trump has trampled on that right and the rights of so many people over and over since he took office...Trump did not come into office in spite of demonizing immigrants - he was elected becaus he repeatedly dehumanized non-Americans, particularly brown skinned ones."

And then, Kolhatkar's shocking but irrefutably accurate statement:

"Trump's presidency is a clear symbol of the last gasp of whit supremacy angrily asserting its power over a country that, in spite of centuries of institutional policies designed to privilege whites, is becoming browner every year."

But Trump's (and Miller's) agenda of demonization and dehumanization of nonwhite immigrants is nit only a revival of a long US tradition of white supremacy. It is also a direct attack on our democracy. Kolhatkar writes:

"Trump's unilateral ban on green cards and work visas upends Congressional legislative oversight."

She also quotes Justice Sotomayor's statement in the Supreme Court's recent DACA decision that Trump's decision to cancel that program was marked by "impermissible discriminatory animus".

Sonali Kolhatkar then concludes, in ringing words whose truth it is impossible to dispute:

"Trump has expressed such 'discriminatory animus' to non-white Americans since the beginning of his candidacy and presidential tenure.Through his anti-immigrant policies, he is keeping families like mine separated. He has made no secret that his goal is to preserve white domination in America, and it is for this reason that he has enjoyed the fervent, irrational, cult-like following of millions of Americans terrified at the prospect of equality with non-whites."

We should all remember these words as Trump and Miller move ahead to the next stages in their white supremacist assault on legal immigration - actions that are unquestionably coming up in one form or another as long as Trump remains in office.

Meanwhile Trump's racist attacks on both legal and unauthorized immigrants appear to be backfirirng and actually increasing support for immigration among the American public. This is according to Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, writing on July 2.

Roger Algase
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