Sonali Kolhatkar, a writer, radio host and naturalized US citizen, describes the hypocrisy and racism of Trump's green card entry ban, which stops her from bringing her Indian parents to the US in the same way that another naturalized US citizen, Melania Trump, undoubtedly used to bring her white parents only a few years ago. But as Kolhatkar also shows, this is only one instance of the Trump/Miller white supremacist agenda which is depriving so many legal immigrants - and their families - of basic human rights. Her June, 2020 article is called:

Trump's presidency is a symbol of the last gasp of white supremacy

Kolthakar begins by pointing out that Trump has been attacking what he pejoratively calls "Chain Migration" i.e. all family immigration except by spouses and minor children of US citizens, for the past 3 years, almost from the time he took office. The idea that barring the parents of US citizens from entering the US will help save American jobs impacted by coronavirus is inherently absurd.

She asks how barring elderly parents like hers whose savings could contribute to the US economy from coming to join her would make more jobs available to American workers. She also points out that under our law, family reunification is a legal right. It is also an internationally recognized human right.

Her article also illustrates the utter hypocrisy of Trump's ban on entry by H-1B, L-1 and other highly skilled foreign workers. This ban flies in the face of Trump's previous claim that his assault on family and diversity green cards (both widely used by non-European immigrants) was meant to promote "Merit-based" immigration instead. The latest ban applies to the same "Merit-based" immigrants whom Trump previously claimed to support.

To be continued in Part 2 of this 2-part series..

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law