On June 22, Donald Trump and Stephen Miller moved on to the next step in their white supremacist dismantling of America's legal immigration system that began in the first week of Trump's presidency in 2017 with his Muslim Ban and "Buy American Hire American" executive orders. .

Trump has never made any secret of the fact that his political ambitions, which, now more clearly than ever before, aim at setting up a fascist dictatorship where anyone who opposes him is labelled as a "traitor", are centered on reviving America's long tradition of anti-immigrant hatred and scapegoating.

Few people any longer dispute the fact that Donald Trump won the presidency by demonizing Latino immigrants as "criminals", "rapists" and "drug dealers" and Muslim immigrants as "terrorists". After becoming president, he first seized on irregular or "illegal" immigrants as his main target, launching a campaign of mass deportation and incarceration to create terror in nonwhite immigrant communities all across America.

But he soon moved on to a war on legal immigration, not only with the above two executive orders, but with his still ongoing attempt to end DACA, attempts to end TPS and his large scale assault on the asylum system. He then sought to end family based immigration by attacking what he pejoratively called "chain migration" and claiming that priority should be given to "Merit-based" immigration. This was even as RFE's and denials of H-1B and other clearly "Merit-based" petitions rose to all-time highs under his administration.

On June 22, with his ban on visas for many of the most highly skilled and educated immigrants of all, namely H-1B and L-1, Trump showed the utterly fraudulent nature of his "Merit-based" immigration claim. There has been only one clear goal - to end legal immigration from what Trump, two and a half years ago, called "shithole" i.e countries ,which he himself defined as not being "Countries like Norway", i.e. white European countries.

A major step in that direction was Miller's new, hugely expanded, "Public Charge" rule which went into effect on February 24, and which sought to revive another old prejudice against minority immigrants, namely that they are allegedly parasites and drains on the public treasury.

Now, combining two other traditional prejudices against minority immigrants, i.e. that they are allegedly carriers of disease, and that they allegedly steal jobs from US citizens, Trump and Miller have launched their latest visa entry bans, which are obviously intended to have their main effect on immigrants from outside Europe.


But while the June 22 ban may be limited in its effect, since US visa offices abroad are already closed, and the ban only affects immigrants who are outside the US on the effective date [June 24, 2020], the pretext that Trump and Miller used for the ban, namely economic disruption caused by the coronovirus epidemic in the US, which Donald Trump himself has done so much to spread by deliberately denying its dangers and opposing efforts to control it, is beyond appalling in its falsehood and hypocrisy.

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.Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.