Update: Jun 22, 8:59 pm:

Late on June 22, Donald Trump signed the latest authoritarian executive order moving America back close to the spirit of the racist 1924 immigration act which Stephen Miller reportedly endorsed in recently released emails and which, nine decades earlier, Adolf Hitler praised in Mein Kampf.

The new ban, like its April 22 predecessor, only affecta applicants applying for admission to the US from outside the country. It does not affect applications of changes or extensions of legal immigration status by people which are already in the United States. But, for the first time, it ads nonimmirant skilled worker visas such as H-1B and L-1 to the list of visas which are banned for applicants presently located outside the US.

This latest example of Trump/miller anti-immigrant racism will be discussed in more detail in my forthcoming comments.

Evidently, not quite as many of Donald Trump's supporters are literally "dying" to hear him deliver his racist anti-immigrant rants in person as he claims. This is the main lesson we can learn from his June 20 Tulsa rally fiasco, where only some 6,000 people showed up to put their lives on the line in an auditorium that seats three times that many people. This was after his campaign had made the delusional claim that " one million" people had asked for tickets to attend.

But if the attendees who were so willing to put their lives on the line to hear Trump in person were looking forward to more racist anti-immigrant invective from our nation's president, they had no reason to be disappointed, Trump, who deliberately ignored the danger of spreading the deadly virus that has already infected 2 million people in American and killed more than 110,000, did not disappoint anyone who was looking forward to more anti-immigrant hate, especially against Asian immigrants.

The president's favorite line was calling Covid-19 the "kung flu".


Nor is Trump's hatred against nonwhite immigrants limited to racist rants at dangerous public rallies which his own top medical officials have warned against. Anti-immigrant racism, even against the most highly skilled and educated "Merit-based" immigrants whom Trump hypocritically claimed to support two yeas ago, is now becoming the centerpiece of the president's (and Stephen Miller's) anti-immigration agenda.

According to the latest news reports, a new executive order banning entry to the US by H-1B and possibly other nonimmigrant visa applicants could come from the White House as early as today, June 21. This would be the latest step in Donald Trump's attempt to rewrite America's immigration laws by executive degree and to stoke the fires of hatred against nonwhite immigrants as a means to setting himself up as a dictator with absolute power. The only way to understand the real significance of the white supremacist immigration agenda that Trump has relentlessly pursued from his first week in office with his Muslim Ban and "Hire American" (BAHA) executive orders is to see this as the centerpiece of larger strategy aimed at overthrowing democracy and imposing a fascist regime on America.

For a late report and more details about what the new ban, which is expected to be announced on June 22, might contain, see National Law Review, (June 17):

Trump Administration Considers Sweeping Ban on Nonimmigrant Worker Visas in the Wake of Covid-19


Of course, there is nothing new about Trump's attack on the H-1B visa, which has enabled millions of Indian IT professionals and other highly skilled workrs from around the world to build productive lives and careers in the United States for the past 39 or more years. Trump and Stephen Miller have been gunning for H-1B for at least the past two years, long before anyone ever heard of coronavirus.

See, NPR, February 23, 2018:


As soon as the expected ban on H-1B and other skilled worker visas is announced, I will comment further on this topic, which is a crucial part of the entire legal immigration system that is now in such great danger from the Trump-Miller administration.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law