In two major June 15 decisions of which one involved immigration directly and the other was indirectly related to immigration, the Supreme Court refused to act a as rubber stamp for Donald Trump's agenda of hatred and discrimination against communities despised by his bigoted "base".

Instead, the Court declared its independence and stood up for basic human rights. Even more significantly, in one of the two cases, involving LGBT rights, one of the Trump-appointed Justices, Neil Gorsuch, voted with the liberal Justices (and Chief Justice Roberts) against Trump.

In the second case, involving a California Sanctuary law protecting immigrants against Trump's mas deportation agenda of ethnic cleansing and persecution,, both Trump appointees, Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, voted against him.

While only the California Sanctuary law case dealt with immigration specifically, the LGBT decision also involved immigration indirectly, because it held that another group of people whom Trump has also stoked hatred and discrimination against is entitled to protection of the law.

One might hope from these decisions that there could be some limits as to how much hatred and discrimination against nonwhite immigrants the Supreme Court's Republican majority will allow. The Court's GOP majority has rubber stamped some of the Trump administration's most discriminatory measures against nonwhite immigrants, including the Muslim Ban, "Remain in Mexico" and most recently, Stephen Miller's wildly inflated and expanded new version of the traditional "Public Charge" rule, will allow Trump and Miller to get away with.

For more details, see The Sun (UK -June 15):

PRESIDENT Donald Trump's Supreme Court picks have gone against the White House on gay rights and sanctuary cities

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law