Update: June 10, 9:08 am:

On a different topic from my main one below, AOL reports yet another obvious presidential falsehood regarding the spread of coronavirus, which Trump initially called a "hoax" and "no worse than the flu" - before 110,000 people in America died from this plague - so far.

The latest blatant untruth coming from Trump is that the most recent spike in infections, which medical experts attribute to the premature "reopening" in many states that Trump has vigorously encouraged, is allegedly only because of "increased testing".


One of the surest signs of dictatorship is use of the Big Lie. And spreading falsehoods about coronavirus gives Trump even more of an opportunity to scapegoat immigrants for the pandemic - as in Trump's April 22 worldwide green card applicant ban,, which is sure to be extended and widened quite soon

But the policies which have very arguably done so much to spread this disease and cause the loss of so many American lives are not due to immigration but to decisions made in the Oval Office of the White House.

My earlier comment appears below.

NBC News reports that, on June 5, ICE agents arrested an unarmed US citizen of Puerto Rican ancestry at a peaceful George Floyd protest in New York City.


According to the Immigrant Defense Project, ICE agents held the man:

"...on the ground with 3 guns pointed at him, illegally searched him, tried to search his phone and accused him of having a gun."

No gun was found, only a military ID. According to the same organization's report:

"When they realized he was a military vet, they didn't let him go immediately and they kept him handcuffed...He suffered multiple bruises and only when their supervisor arrived did they realize they really had no reason; they were required ot let him go by their supervisor."

A spokesperson for the organization commented:

"It's just really concerning to see ICE out on the street, grabbing someone who's peacefully protesting before the curfew who was doing absolutely nothing wrong...The use of force also seems very troubling and the fact that he's a man of Puerto Rican descent is really concerning because it raises questions about racial profiling."

It is also a matter of great concern that Donald Trump is sending what is supposed to to be an immigration enforcement agency out into the streets of America to arrest and terrorize US citizens who are peacefully exercising their right to free speech, merely on the basis of their appearance and ethnicity.

ICE later admitted that the arrest was"not immigration related", according to the NBC report. Certainly, using an immigration agency to arrest and brutalize American citizens for engaging in free speech is not "immigration enforcement". It is pointing the way to fascism in America.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law