Update: June 8, 11:59 am:

For a discussion of Trump's and Miller's racist expanded Public Charge rule, which took effect on February 24 with the permission of the ideological, pro-Trump, anti- immigrant Republican Supreme Court majority, see David R. James (The Urban Agenda, August 22, 2019):


The new rule, which goes far beyond any previous definition of Public Charge in US immigration law history, amounts to an authoritarian re-write and attempt to overturn more than a half-century of Congressional immigration law that was meant to protect nonwhite legal immigrants from racial bigotry and discrimination in admissions to the United States.

And Trump's imperial Public Charge edict is only one of a long list of systematic actions that Trump has taken to barnonwhite legal immigrants from the US and make it more difficult for those who are already here to remain in this country. I will discuss the new Public Charge rule (which is meant to have the same effect on nonwhite legal immigration that the novel coronavirus is having on public health) in more detail in my forthcoming comments.

My earlier comment appears below.

While the immediate focus of the protests that have have been convulsing America ever since the killing of George Floyd has been on police brutality, it is now obvious that George Floyd's death has become a symbol for the more fundamental issue of the deep seated racism in American society. See, The Guardian. June 6:

George Floyd killing: peaceful protests sweep America as calls for racial justice reach new heights


In the words of one of the New York protest organizers, as quoted in the above report:

"But part of this movement is to bring communities together and ameliorate divisions brought forth by systematic racism..."

See also, New York Times, June 5:


Nowhere has US racism been more systematic than in the white supremacist immigration agenda of Donald Trump and Stephen Miller, beginning with Trump's first week in office as president after losing the popular vote election to Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million votes.

One of Trump's first actions as president was to announce a ban on immigrants from specified Middle Eastern and African Muslim countries, thus defying and overthrowing America's laws and constitutional guarantees protecting against discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity or national origin.

This white supremacist immigration agenda has since gone "viral" within the Trump administration, and has left almost no aspect of America's legal immigration system uncontaminated. This open anti-immigrant bigotry which, seeks to take America's immigration system back to the Europe-only regime dating from almost 100 years ago, in 1924, has recently come to light in more than 900 of Miller's email messages.

It began five years ago,this month, in June, 2015, when Trump first announced his presidential campaign with a vicious attack on Mexican, and by extension all Latino immigrants, as "criminals", "rapists" and drug dealers.

To be continued in Part 2.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law