Updated and revised, June 3.

The events of the last few days have shown more clearly than ever before that Donald Trump's ethnic cleansing campaign against brown and black immigrants, which began with his initial authoritarian Muslim Ban order almost immediately on taking office after losing the popular vote election to Hillary Clinton, and has continued with a long series of fascist style anti-immigrant diktats overturning the immigration laws enacted by Congress ever since, right up to the revival of 19th Century Chinese exclusion described in my original comment below, may only be a dress rehearsal for a full fascist takeover. See: The Guardian, June 2,

'Words of a dictator' Trump's threat to deploy military raises spectre of fascism


The Guardian's report comments on Trump's threat to use the military against the American people as follows:

"The shocking split-screen moment probably left millions of Americans shaken, frightened and outraged.. Comparisons to dictators, fashionable during Trump's political ascent, have fallen out of favor in recent years. Now they might be in for a comeback."

There can no longer be any doubt that Trump's entire anti-immigrant agenda, including not only his initial Muslim Ban orders and most recent revival of 1882 Chinese exclusion, but a long series of unilateral, authoritarian, immigrants' human rights violations (and very arguably, crimes against humanity) in between, including mass deportation and concentration camp-like immigrant incarceration; family separation; "Remain in Mexico"; and expanded "Public Charge" rules against immigrants from less affluent, nonwhite, countries (to name just a few dictatorial measures imposed without Congressional approval), has been nothing other than preparation for full-blown fascism in America.

My original comment appears below.

On May 29, in an apparently desperate move to divert attention from his own refusal to take urgent action to control the Covid -19 outbreak that has already taken 100,000 US lives, Donald Trump took America back to one of the darkest times in America's entire immigration history by ordering a ban on Chinese students seeking to enter the US to study technology. He did so on the specious grounds that the students might be spies for the Chinese military. See, Forbes, June 1:


Not only does the accusation that the Chinese students might be spies recall the baseless pretext used to bar Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany during WW2, namely that the German government might have been forcing them to spy for that country, but it also recalls he infamous 19th century Chinese exclusion laws beginning in 1882. These laws were based on the premise that merely being Chinese was detrimental to the interests of the United States.

The only difference is that the original Chinese exclusion laws were passed with the consent of Congress, in accordance with America's democratic principles. Trump's update of the racist Chinese exclusion, laws however, was issued by an authoritarian executive decree, This means that, unlike the original Chinese exclusion laws, Trump's May 29th decree combines racism with fascism.

And in yet another clear sign that Trump's authoritarian white supremacist immigration agenda may only be a prelude to a total fascist takeover in the US, Trump ordered the use of tear gas against peaceful anti-racism demonstrators during a walk to a photo-op at a church near the White House. He is also threatening a full-blown military response to the protests, using the fact that some of them have turned violent as an excuse.

From the moment that he issued his first authoritarian Muslim immigration ban order almost immediately upon taking office as president, Trump has been flexing his muscles as an immigration dictator with the full support of the Supreme Court's Republican majority.

It is now becoming more and more obvious that Trump's using America's long-standing and shameful tradition of anti-immigrant racism (see my June 1 comment) to set himself above the law as a fascist-style dictator over immigration is, in all likelihood, only a rehearsal for the total extinction of democracy in America. .

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School, LL.B
Harvard College A.B.