As immigrant communities and US employers wait for the next shoe to drop in Donald Trump's agenda of banning legal immigration by authoritarian decree - as he announced he was planning to do on April 20, one of the most ominous anniversaries in all of modern world history, an April 24 report by the highly respected Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) shows that his ban has noting to to with coronavirus. This is only an excuse.

The real purpose of the ban is to carry out a long standing white supremacist anti-immigrant agenda by organizations that the SPLC has identified as hate groups. See:

Trump's Immigration Order Was Drafted by Officials With Ties to Hate Groups, According to Report

The SPLC writes:

"White House senior advisor Stephen Miller and Robert Law, chief of the office of policy and strategy for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
(USCIS), played roles in drafting Trump's order, the New York Times noted on April 21. Both Miller and Law have close connections to anti-immigrant hate groups, helping to underscore the influence racist think tanks have had in shaping U.S. policy during the Trump era. Trump signed the order into effect on April 22, marking an unprecedented step restricting immigration into the U.S. in the modern age."

The SPLC report continues with details about the backgrounds of these two high-ranking Trump administration immigration officials:

"Miller promoted material from the anti-immigrant hate group Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) to conservative website Breitbart News in 2018, prior to becoming Trump's de facto immigration czar. He also shared a link from the white nationalist website VDARE to Breitbart around the same time, an pitched scores of racist stories to their editors, as Hatewatch previously reported. Law is a former lobbyist for the anti-immigrant hate group Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR), having served as their lobbying director an director of government relations from 2013 to 2017. He is a Trump-era appointee of USCIS and joined that agency in 2018."

To Miller also has a well-documented history of opposing all nonwhite legal immigration. The SPLC reports:

"Miller expressed admiration about President Coolidge in his emails to Breitbart News because [Coolidge] signed into law the 1924 Immigration Act. Based on Eugenics, the act placed race-based restrictions on who could immigrate into the US. Adolf Hitler also praised the act for this reason in his book 'Mein Kampf.'"

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B.
Harvard College A.B.