Update, May 26, 10:01 am:

Emperor Nero notoriously fiddled while Rome burned. Trump played golf on Memorial Day weekend as America's death toll from Covid-19 approached, or perhaps already reached, 100,000, in large part due to Trump's deliberate refusal to recognize and act on the seriousness of the worst worldwide plague in 100 years.

But while the coronavirus plague is evidently not serious enough to interfere with Trump's golf game or his desire to hold massive, fascist-style election rallies before adoring crowds of supporters who presumably wouldn't mind rising their lives to attend, it somehow appears to be a grave emergency indeed when Trump is looking for an excuse to cut back on or eliminate legal immigration and continue horrific abuses against unaccompanied immigrant children at the US border/ See my updated original comment below:

Why is Donald Trump so insistent on "reopening" America (and his golf excursions) at a time America's death toll from this plague is about to pass 100,000, in large part due to Trump's own attempts to downplay and peddle falsehood after falsehood about the cotanavirus?

How many of these victims might still be alive today if Trump hadn't pretended from the start that this deadly virus was "under control"; that it would "disappear"; that it was "no worse than the flu", and that it could be "cured" by various types of fake medicines? How many tens of thousands of Americans might still be with us if Trump had listened to the earnings of his own health experts, instead of trying to sideline them. while muzzling the CDC and attempting to destroy the WHO?

Not content with the horrendous damage to human life and to American society that he has caused by failing to take effective action to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the US, Trump is now engaged in a mad push to "reopen" the US in the face of virtually unanimous warnings from medical experts that this could be putting hundreds of thousands of additional US lives at risk?

Is Trump's massive disregard of human life only because he ostensibly cares about "the economy" and his own reelection chances, according to the current media conventional wisdom? Or could there be another reason for pursuing a policy which is already leading some critics to accuse him of having "blood on his hands"?

There is evidence that Trump's willingness, even eagerness - to put perhaps another 100,000 lives,- if not hundreds of thousands or even a million lives - at risk through premature "reopening" is not just a matter of returning "the economy" to "normal". Instead, continuing. and even worsening. America's heath emergency could give Trump an excuse to seize more autocratic power, as Hungary's dictator, Viktor Orban, has just done.

And how might Trump be planning to use this increased autocratic power? First and foremost, to advance the agenda which elected him as president in the first place and has been the centerpiece of his presidency ever since he took office - eliminating nonwhite immigration, including legal immigration.

This explains the latest rumblings that H-1B, which has been a favorite target of Republican right wing zealots since long before Trump came on the political scene, could be next on his and Stephen Miller's chopping block. See, POLITICO, May 25:

Trump expected to broaden foreign worker bans


But it is not only highly skilled foreign workers, whom Trump not so long ago said that he welcomed to the US as "Merit-based" immigrants to give him an excuse for trying to eliminate most family immigration and all diversity immigration from what he called "shtihole" (i.e. nonwhite") countries, who may fall victim to the latest move in Trump's and Stephen Miller's white supremacist immigration agenda.

Trump is also continuing to use the Cpvid-19 crisis to engage in horrific, and illegal, human rights abuses against unaccompanied immigrant children at the US-Mexican border See, The Hill:

Stop expelling and separating immigrant children and parents during COVID


To be continued in my next comment on this topic..

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law