Update: May 23, 10:00 am

For more on Stephen Miller's attempt to use the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to carry out his agenda of cutting off most or all legal immigration, including the highly skilled "Merit-Based" immigration which Trump and his Congressional allies are touting as a pretext for pushing to eliminating most family and diversity based visas, see CNN (May 8):

Stephen Miller- The campaign to cut immigration to the United States amid the cornavirus pandemic


I will discuss this article in detail in a forthcoming comment. My earlier comment appears below.

I begin this comment with a poem, which I have written using traditional Japanese Waka verse style (which has a much loner and even more respected history than Haiku):

Does Trump ever ask
How many Americans
Might still be alive
If he had moved faster to
Stop the coronavirus

And not rushed ahead
To "reopen" the nation
While the plague still spreads
Seizing on one more excuse
To ban legal immigrants

As Stephen Miller
Trump's top immigration chief
Has long sought to do
To promote his vision of
Keeping America white

The Independent newspaper reports that Trump, in a rare agreement to a request from Democratic Congressional leaders, has promised to fly the US flag at half mast over federal buildings in mourning for 100,000 lost lives in America as soon as the coornavirus death toll reaches this figure, which is expected to happen next week.


But the rapidly mounting coronavirus death toll in America is not stopping Trump from upping his call to "reopen" the US, no matter how many additional American lives this may cost. See: Washington Post. May 22:

Trump seizes on new rallying cry to reopen the country, But Democrats see caution as an advantage

However, no matter how much Trump insists (in an all-capital letters tweet) that we must "REOPEN THE COUNTRY" in a claimed "TRANSITION TO GREATNESS", there are no plans to reopen America to legal immigration, as CNN reports on May 19. See:

Trump administration to extend border and travel restrictions related to coronavirus


There can be no doubt that the current ban on legal green card applicants seeking to enter the US is based on Stephen Miller's white supremacist immigration agenda rather tan any valid medical considerations. The above CNN article reports as follows regarding lawful asylum-seekers and refugees - who, Trump and Miller have also been turning back with a zeal bordering (no pun intended!) on fanaticism:

"On Monday, more than two dozen health experts at leading public health schools medical schools and hospital cast doubt on the basis of those restrictions.

'The nation's public health laws should not be used.as a pretext for overriding humanitarian laws and treaties.that provide life-saving protections to refugees seeking asylum ans unaccompanied children', they said in a letter to the Health and Human Services Department."

The same CNN article also highlights the destructive tole of Stephen Miller, Trump's top immigration advisor, who has reportedly sent over 900 emails supporting a white supremacist immigration agenda:

"Stephen Miller, Trump's lead immigration adviser and the architect of Trump's hardline immigration agenda, has previously tried to use diseases, like influenza and the mumps, as grounds to tighten the border, according to to a former administration official.

Behind the scenes, the push to limit immigration during thr cronavirus pandemic has been led by miller, according to administration officials. After the President's April proclamation limiting green cards, Miller cast the move as a firdt step toward reducing the flow of immigrants into the United States."

The above CNN article also reports that optional practical training (OPT) for F-1 students,and H-1B skilled worker status, which has long been a target of right wing Republican politicians, could be the next programs to come into Miler's filing line.

I will discuss the threat to cut off legal H-1B and other professional work visa programs - despite Trump's hypocritical claim that "merit-based" immigration should replace family immigration - in a forthcoming comment.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B.
Harvard College A.B.