From the first days of his presidency when Donald Trump threw out the freedom of religion clause in the US Constitution and imposed the first version of his Muslim ban,with the ultimate connivance of the politically motivated Republican Supreme Court majority in Trump v. Hawaii (2018), Americans have become progressively used to the Trump/Miller ideology that immigrants in America have no legal or human rights, but are in this country only at the pleasure of its leader in the Oval office of the White House. Since then, the entire history of the Trump/Miller administration has been one of steadily eroding or obliterating the rights guaranteed by our immigration laws to immigrants, both those who are in this country legally and those without legal status.

Under Trump and Miller, immigrants, instead of having legal rights, are being treated as if they are only "guests of the state". The coronavirus plague has only given Trump yet another pretext for treating immigrants has if thwy were less than human, with no rights at all. Human Rights Watch Senior Researcher and immigration attorney Grace Meng writes as follows on April 7 regarding Trump's treatment of legitimate asylum seekers at the Mexican border:

"This isn't due process - it is no process. And it is illegal. Even in times of emergency, international law prohibits the US from suspending the right to be protected from forcible return to life threatening circumstances." \

But if the rapidly spreading Covid-19 plague can be used as a pretext for extinguishing immigrants' legal and human rights, how safe are the basic rights of Americans from being obliterated by a president whose commitment (if any) to democracy and the rule of law is at best "razor-thin"? See, Stephen M. Walt in Foreign Policy (April 13);

The United States Is Getting Infected With Dictatorship

Walt warns, regarding the pandemic:

"Governments invariably exert greater control in such circumstances, and increased governmental power will give Trump and the Republicans ample opportunities to tilt electoral outcomes in their favor. And should polls show this fall Trump is likely to lose, can one rule out an attempt to cancel or postpone the November election, justified on the grounds of preserving public safety?"

One indication (among many others) that Trump hates democracy as much as, if not even more than, he hates nonwhite immigrants, is his May 20 threat to cut off federal aid to states that make it easier to vote, just as, in the past, he has threatened to cut off aid to states that adopt "sanctuary" policies to protect immigrants human rights against his mass deportation dragnet See.

The most dangerous effect of Trump's and Miller's immigration dictatorship agenda, with its widespread disregard for the laws of this country that protect immigrants' rights (of which Miller's autocratic new Public Charge rule is only one of many recent examples), have been preparing the American public to grow accustomed to fascist rule by decree in other areas as well.

Trump's immigration dictatorship should be looked upon as the origin of the virus of fascism in America, This virus is now spreading into all other areas of our government. For more on this topic, See Lucian k. Truscott IV in Salon (May 16):

To be continued in Part 3 of this series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.