The Miami Herald reports on May 11 that ,in response to human rights protests, ICE has ended its unspeakably inhuman practice of deporting Covid-19 positive immigrants to Haiti, a country with no facilities to care for them or to prevent the rapid spread of the disease. The previous policy was not only guaranteed to cause horrendous horrendous suffering to the affected immigrants and to put that entire nation in acute danger. See:

ICE removes deportees with coronavirus from flight to Haiti

The unspeakable cruelty of the previous deportations of coronavirus-positive immigrants, which not only posed an immediate threat to the other passengers on the flight or flights involved, but showed the administration's utter contempt for human life of nonwhite immigrants in general, is also evident in its dangerous and unhealthy immigration jails which are virtually guaranteed to spread the Covid-19 plague.

Historians way well be asking in the future why Donald Trump and Stephen Miller were not sent to The Hague to face justice for the Crimes Against Humanity that constitute their entire brutal white supremacist immigration agenda. At least, one would think that Miller, whose own wife has tested positive for the virus, might show some compassion for the immigrant victims or potential victims of this plague ,which has also taken the lives of more than 80,000 Americans, due in large part to Trump's denial and deliberate neglect in the face of the pandemic, while attempting to make immigrants scapegoats for his own negligence and irresponsibility by imposing a world-wide entry ban that will inevitable have its greatest impact on nonwhite immigrants.

Another topic that would be appropriate for examination in a trial at The Hague.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law