In another appalling example of the anti-immigrant racism and inhumanity which has been at the heart of Donald Trump's presidency ever since he took office after losing the popular election by nearly 3 million votes, Donald Trump is now using the coronavirus outbreak as a cover to carry out mass expulsion of asylum-seeking children at the Mexican border. This is despite that fact that Trump is pushing harder than anyone else to "reopen" the US for business in defiance of his own medical experts, no matter how many hundreds of thousands of American lives might be lost as a result.

It appears that, in Trump's view, coronavirus is not really all that serious when it interferes with his own re-election drive based on "normalizing" America's economy - it doesn't seem to bother him that 80,,000 Americans have already died from the rapidly spreading plague. But when vulnerable young Central American children try to enter to seek asylum at the Mexican border, as they have the right to to under US law, then Covid-19 suddenly becomes a serious problem indeed in Trump's view. See: The Guardian (May 13):

US expelling hundreds of child migrants, citing coronavirus pandemic


The Guardian describes list latest trashing of baic human rights, as well as US and international asylum law by the Trump/Miller administration as follows:

"The expulsions are the latest administration measure aimed at preventing the entry of migrant children, following other programs suchas the since-rescinded 'zero-tolerance' policy that resulted in thousands of family separations."

In another horrendous example of rqcist hypocrisy and utter disregard for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of American lives, Trump announced on May 14 that Covid-19 testing is "overrated" and defiantly continued refusing to wear a face mask himself while that the same time reportedly planning to close the entire Mexican border indefinitely to "protect" against the virus. See, Common Dreams , May 14:

The Common Dreams article states as follows:

"The propsed order's existence was first rpeorted on Wednsaday evening by the New York Times which noted that the plan was part of a broad effort, led by Stephen Miller, the architect of President Trump's immigration agenda, to aggressively use public health laws to reduce immigration as the government battles the virus."

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.