In my May 12 comment, I suggested that Trump's rush to "reopen" America while the Coronavirus plague continues to rage, potentially putting hundreds of thousands of American lives at risk, could well have a darker motivation than the conventional explanation that the president only wants to get America "back to work" so he can improve his reelection chances. In a May 11 Salon article, writer Chauncey de Vega gives support to the proposition that Trump's real goal is to use the panic and chaos created by the plague's spreading out of in order to accomplish the two main purposes of his entire presidency - banning all nonwhite immigration and setting himself up as America's fascist dictator.

Regarding the first goal de Vega writes about his conversation with Yale philosopher Jason Stanley as follows See:

Author of "How Fascism Works": Pandemic offers Trump a dangerous opportunity to seize power

"(de Vega): 'Crisis is an opportunity for Donald Trump. Several weeks ago, Donald Trump announced on twitter that the United Staes was ending all legal immigration because of the coronavirus emergency. Of course, that is part of Trump adviser Stephen Miller's white supremacist agenda.'

(Stanley): 'Trump's announcement "banning" legal immigration - which was very likely written by Stephen Miller - was also made on Hitler's birthday. Miller has repeatedly signaled through his policies. language, emails and use of codes such as "14" and "88" in government documents that he has a deep affinity with Nazis and other neo-fascists.'"

To be continued.
Roger Algase
Attorney at Law