With its usual facility for finding the least ominous and most "normal" explanation for Donald Trump's march toward a white supremacist dictatorship in the US, the media has seized on the least threatening excuse possible for his dangerous and irrational push to "reopen" America while the coronavirus plague is still spreading, against the warnings of his top medical experts, and even as Trump's own White House West Wing becomes a center of infection. This excuse that Trump's behavior is "only " an election ploy. The media spin runs as follows:

Trump's main selling point for reelection, the media tells us, is the economy. The "lockdown" regulations that many states and localities (especially those run by officials belonging to the opposition party to Trump) are closing businesses, and causing massive layoffs and unemployment - thereby depriving Trump of his main selling point for reelection, So, according to this conventional wisdom, all Trump wants to do is get the economy moving again so he can win in November, even if this costs hundreds of thousands, or millions of additional American lives.

But is this easy explanation for Trump's pattern of deliberate denial of the Covis-19 plague and his destruction of any rational attempts by state, local and medical officials to combat it really the whole picture? Or could there be other motives for Trump's (and some other GOP political leaders') reckless assault on the safety and health of millions of Americans?

To answer that questio
n, let us first take a brief detour back to ancient Greece. Almost 3,000 years ago, Homer wrote (or sang) the following in the opening lines of The Iliad:

Nouson ana straton orse kakein, olekonto de laoi

("He [Apollo] caused an evil plague to spread in the army; people were dying.")

The Iliad then goes on to explain that the plague was sent by the god as punishment for the arrogant pretensions of the Greek king, Agamemnon, who also saw himself a possessed of total power over his subjects and subject to no law except his own.

Of course, in our modern time, most people do not loo on epidemics as divine punishment (except, possibly for perceived lifestyle and gender "transgressions" according to some of Trump's more fanatical evangelical supporters. But what if today's rapidly spreading Covid-19 plague means more to Donald Trump than just an annoying obstacle to his reelection campaign, according to the simplistic view that most commentators are falling in line behind today?

What id the panic caused by the spread of this deadly disease, which Trump insists on denying the seriousness of, even as experts warn that hundreds o thousands of American could die, is actually a means to Trump's ends? What if Trump, and his anti-immigrant Grant Inquisitor, Stephen Miller (whose own recent bride is now reported to be infected with the virus, decide to use the fear and chaos created by the pandemic to accomplish their already obvious goal of shutting down all nonwhite immigration?

What if Trump might be planning to use the plague as an excuse to seize total power and bring fascism to America? There is evidence that these fears might be fully justified.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law