According to the latest Washington Post report on May 6, Trump is now admitting that his mad rush to "reopen" the US economy in order to boost his re-election chances against the advice of his own administration's medical experts (who are increasingly being downgraded and sidelined) will cost more American lives. See, WP:

Live Updates: Trump admits reopening the U.S. economy may cost American lives

See also, The Hill, May 5

Ousted vaccine chief says administration put politics over science ignored

The prospect of a rapidly mounting US death rate id the economy - see below - prematurely "reopens" doesn't seem to bother Trump - which casts even more serious doubt about his fitness to be the nations's chief executive than any of his other abuses of power to date - not to mention whether "reopening" at the cost of so many more American lives would constitute a Crime Against Humanity.

But the issue is not only whether Trump's reported willingness to trade American lives for perceived political gain would leave him with "blood on his hands" (as some commentators have described it). See, The Hill, April 6,

Nor is the problem with Trump's refusal to acknowledge the real danger of coronavirus or listen to his own scientists and top medical officials, such as Dr. Fauci, whom Trump won't even allow to testify before Congress out of feat that they would tell the truth about Trump's mishandling of the pandemic the only thing that America has to worry about, See The Hill, May 5:

There also an issue as to whether creating more panic and fear about even wider and more rapid spread of the coronavirus plague would give Trump even more of an excuse to scapegoat and ban more classes of legal immigrants from entering - or remaining - in the United States. As I have shown in previous comments, Trump's and Stephen Miller's ultimate goal of banning most or all all non-Ruropean immigrants from the US and taking America back almost 100 years to the openly white supremacist 1924 immigration act (which also inspired the growing fascist movement of that time in Europe) has been a central feature of his presidency from the day he took office, beginning with his Muslim ban.

Trump's April 22 diktat banning most categories of green card applicants from entering the US, with his warning that an even wider ban against legal immigrants worldwide is now under consideration, is only the latest example of grasping at any pretext that he can find - terrorism- crime- and now disease - to keep America white.

There also a legitimate question about whether a wider spread of the coronavirus plague, with a projected doubling in daily fatalities to 3,000 per day by June 1 and increasing after then, would give Trump even more of a pretext for seizing absolute power and ruling by decree, as Viktor Orban has now done in Hungary, using coronavirus as an excuse.

Trump already has record of using the immigration system as his private playground for the exercise of one-man personal tyranny, as the ideological Republican Supreme Court majority shamefully allowed him to do in the 2018 Trump v. Hawaii decision. When Trump's former DHS chief, Kirstjen Nielsen, tried to maintain at least some shreds of appearing to follow the rule of law wit regard yo immigration at the Mexican border, Trump berated and humiliated her and then kicked her out.

POLITICO now reports that Trump may now be planning to do the same to his acting ICE chief, who has sought to adhere to humanitarian concerns about the treatment of immigrants during the coronavirus outbreak. See: May 5:

But in this time of worldwide coronavirus pandemic, in which 70.000 people in the US have already died, with perhaps hundreds of thousands more at risk of dying as a result of Trump's putting his reelection ambitions ahead of public safety, humanitarian treatment of immigrants or regard for their basic human rights, including the right to life, is not very high on the US president's list of priorities.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law