Update, April 30, 2:03 pm:

For more on Trump's fascist-style contempt for the rule of law when anything to do with immigration is concerned, see Sasha Abramsky's April 24 comment in The Nation dealing with Trump's latest "immigration Pause" executive order:

Once Again, Trump Shreds U.S. Immigration Law

And for yet another an example of how Trump puts his own perceived political interests ahead of preserving human life - of immigrants and Americans' alike, see The Guardian's April 30 report about Trump's executive order to keep meatpacking plants open, despite the likelihood of many more deaths among their workers. As this report shows, a high percentage of these endangered workers are immigrants from Africa and other nonwhite parts of the world. See:

Trump is marching meatpacking workers off to their deaths


Utter disregard for human life is also typical of fascist dictatorships.

My earlier comment appears below.

One of the main reasons why Donald Trump has had so much success in imposing his agenda of depriving nonwhite immigrants of their basic legal and human rights and treating them with the utmost brutality is that the media have been reacting to each new outrage as if it were an isolated event, rather than part of an overall plan to overthrow our democracy and establish one-man fascist rule in America. But, as the example of Viktor Orban in Hungary shows. attacking immigrants (and building a wall against them), is only the first step to fascist dictatorship.

Donald Trump is following the same dictator's playbook, which began with his openly racist attacks on Mexican immigrants during his first presidential campaign followed by his Muslim Ban executive order immediately on taking office as a minority president who lost the popular vote. These actions have been followed a long series of attacks against "illegal" immigrants and asylum seekers, including, as only one example of horrific cruelty, his infamous,and eventually abandoned family separation policy.

In each of these cases, as well as in many other instances of immigrant persecution in pursuit of his white supremacist goal, the media have reacted as each incident an entirely separate event that had no connection with an overall plan or objective.

But Trump does have an overall program, and it is one that leads directly to establishing himself as a fascist dictator, using immigration as his main means to that end. This program has four stages. We are now in Stage 2.

Stage 1, was whipping up fear and hysteria over the "invasion" of America by "illegal" immigrants", including not only "undocumented" immigrants,
i.e. those entering without legal permission or overstaying legal visas,but also terrorists and criminal gangs such as MS-13. Early in his regime, Trump tired to equate immigration with terror and violent crime, to the extent of publishing lists of crimes that immigrants, mainly from Africa, Asia and Latin America, had been charged with or convicted of.

This technique, which was used against a different unpopular minority in the 1930's and 1940's by a German newspaper publisher who was later executed as a war criminal, was also soon abandoned by Trump. This was very possibly because the lists that were published showed most to the crimes involved to be violations such as trespassing or DUI.

However, in speech after speech, Trump continued to rail against Latin American and other nonwhite immigrants as "criminals", "MS-13" members and drug dealers. This is still one of his main pretext for the cruelty of his "Remain in Mexico" policy against asylum seekers, even though this clearly amounts to "refoulement" which is prohibited under international asylum law as an egregious human rights violation.

During this first stage, Trump also initiated a reign of terror against brown immigrants by carrying out mass arrests and incarceration against all out-of status immigrants, not just those who had committed violent crimes. While Trump's inhuman child separation program was a failure, he did everything else in his power to make immigrants detention conditions as dangerous and unhealthy as possible, to the point if drawing justified criticism from human rights advocates that his immigration jails bore at least some resemblance to concentration camps. ,

But during this Part 1 of Trump's immigration road to dictatorship,Trump was also preparing his attack on legal immigration which as long been a target of white supremacist who oppose all immigration as an agent of demographic change, in which whites become a minority.This war has been brewing during the entire period of the Trump administration as well

It has been apparent in Trump's drastic reductions in legal refugee admissions, his attempts to end DACA and TPS, in the sky-high RFE and denial rates for H-1b and other skilled immigrant worker programs, and most recently, in his greatly inflated and expanded "Public Charge" rule, which is obvioulsy inteded to bar immigrants from what he calls "shithole", i.e. less affluent nonwhite countries outside of Europe.

Trump's use of the coronavirus pandemic as a transparent pretext to announce a ban on "all immigration" on April 20, followed up two days later by a wide-ranging prohibition against entry by most categories of qualified green card applicants from all over the world, is now Trump's official declaration of war against legal immigration. - Stage 2 of his road to fascism.

I will continue with a discussion of Stage 3, which involve taking US citizenship away from millions of American-born citizens; and, ultimately, Stage 4, taking all legal rights away from anyone who opposes Trump (if he is reelected) - including "sending them back", as he has already threatened to do with four legally elected US citizen Congresswomen, in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law