Update: March 25, 8:38 pm

For more about Trump's increasingly dangerous coronavrus denial (even while he continues without letup in his agenda of locking up and building a Wall against Latino and other nonwhite immigrants), see, Washington Post, March 24:

Trump versus the scientists

My earlier comment follows:

In yet another indication that our nation's president is more concerned with locking up nonwhite immigrants than he is with providing leadership to the American people in the battle against the deadly COVID-19 virus, Politico reports on March 24 that a 31-year-old Mexican man detained by ICE in New Jersey has tested positive for the virus. In addition, an ICE detention worker in New Jersey has tested positive and 18 ICE non-detention workers have also been confirmed with the disease.


The dangerously crowded and unhealthy conditions in ICE detention centers have prompted at least two federal lawsuits seeking the release of detainees. One lawsuit, in Washington D.C. asks for the release of 37 families being held and detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania.

A second lawsuit, filed in San Francisco, seeks the release of 13 ICE detainees being held in California. That lawsuit, filed by the ACLU and other public interest organizations, alleges:

"Unless this court intervenes to order the release of the Plaintiffs, they, along with many other detained individuals, will face dramatically increased chances of contracting COVID-19, becoming seriously ill, and dying."

The conditions in ICE prisons pose a danger not only to immigrants, but to the general population. Once the virus starts to spread anywhere, it is totally indifferent to the nationality, immigration status, ethnicity, or race of its victims. Almost everyone in America seems to realize this except Donald Trump, who has been making utterly delusional remarks about "reopening America" for business by Easter, only 3 weeks from this writing, despite the unanimous opinion of medical experts that this would be dangerous in the extreme. See: CNN, March 25:

Trump's hope for an Easter reopening clashes with coronavirus reality


Given Trump's racist remarks about the "Chinese virus", one also has to ask whether Trump might not also use any outbreak of the virus in immigrant detention centers as an opportunity to blame COVID-19 on "illegal aliens", or on immigrants in general, as he has blamed them for other problems affecting America.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.