Update: March 23, 6:58 pm:

For more on Trump's making immigrants scapegoats for his appalling coronavirus denials and failures, see Julio Ricardo Varela's opinion piece in the Washington Post, March 23:

As he bungles this crisis, Trump turns to another familiar scapegoat: Immigration


Update: March 23, 8:37 am:

For more on the appalling contrast between Trump's foot-dragging on providing critically urgent supplies to deal with the coronavirus crisis and his putting a full range of resources into moving ahead with his border Wall as a symbol of hatred and humiliation against Latino and other nonwhite immigrants as quickly as possible, see Washington Post,, March 22:

Governors and mayors in growing uproar over Trump's coronavirus response

My earlier comments follow below:

After two months of denying the threat of the coronavirus (Covid -19) to the US and calling it a "Hoax", Donald Trump is now reportedly adopting a more "somber" tone and warning Americans not to gather in groups of more than 10 people in order to try to control the virus' spread. Meanwhile in hard -hit areas such as New York and California, local officials have imposed a "lockdown", with almost the entire population, especially seniors, being encouraged to, or ordered to, stay home.

In the meantime, New York and many other parts of the nation are reporting horrendous shortages of essential equipment for fighting the virus, such as protective masks, ventilators and, in some areas,testing kits. There are also reports that the Trump administration has told state and local governments that they are on their own in acquiring this equipment, and not to look to the federal government for very much help. See, Washington Post, March 21

Trump administration scrambles to offer guidance on what to do if hospitals run out of basic supplies for coronavirus

See also: The Hill, March 22

Hospitals, doctors, nurses call on Trump tp immediately ramp up production of medical supplies


But there is one federal project which is continuing without the slightest interruption or regard for expense, health or safety. This is Trump's Mexican border Wall,,on which the Trump administration is still spending billions of dollars with total disregard of any pandemic health or safety precautions for the construction workers and engineers on this project.

For them, there are no "lockdowns" or "social distancing", and they could easily become new carriers of the disease into the general population. See The Guardian's March 22 report of this latest appalling example of Trump's putting his white supremacist anti-immigrant agenda ahead of the health and safety of the American people:

Construction of US-Mexico border wall proceeds despite coronavirus pandemic


To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law