As the coronavirus spreads throughout the US, requiring state and local governments to take drastic measures to control it, the destructive effects of the Trump administration's racist immigration policies are also becoming more apparent and harmful to the hopes and futures of legal immigrants.

While this is only anecdotal, I am beginning to receive messages from clients who have marriage-based green card applications pending or who are about to file, and who are concerned because one of the marriage partners has suddenly lost his or her job as the result of coronavirus-related employer cutbacks.

Job loss of one or both partners to a marriage, especially for a sponsoring US citizen partner filing an affidavit of support, is one of the very worst possible events that could happen to a married couple with a pending I-485 adjustment of status application, under the new Public Charge rule. The coronavirus pandemic is now showing how cruel and malicious this rule, which was clearly intended by its architect, Stephen Miller, to impact mainly non-European legal immigrants, really is.

The coronavirus pandemic, in which the Trump administration is now giving hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts to affected industries, is making the Public Charge rule's alleged ideal of immigrant "self-sufficiency" even more of a cruel mockery than before.

In the meantime, Donald Trump seems to be incapable of talking about the coronavirus pandemic without making racist remarks, as shown by his latest "Chinese virus" tweet.

See, Washington Post, March 17:

Evangelical leader denounces Trump for calling coronavirus the 'Chinese virus'

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.