Update, March 16, 9:37 am:

For more on Donald Trump's attempts to use the coronavirus:crisis as a pretext for advancing his white supremacist anti-immigrant agenda, see Amanda Terkel's Huffington Post column

Trump Reportedly sees Upside to Coronavirus: Promoting his Closed Borders Agenda

The article refers specifically to Trump's statements regarding closing the US-Mexican border, despite the fact that Mexico,has a far lower incidence of COVID-19 than the US does.

Meanwhile, Leiden University US history specialist Andrew Gawthorpe warns in the March 14 issue of The Guardian that as the coronavirus pandemic spreads in the US, due in large part to Trump's attempts to downplay the threat and blame it on foreigners, we can expect more anti-immigrant scapegoating from the president and his allies.

We may also expect more moves toward dictatorship. See,

Be careful. Trump may exploit the coronavirus for authoritarian ends

Gawthorpe writes:

"When Trump and his allies can no longer lie or deny, we can expect them to move on tho the next phase of their crisis management playbook: attacking their enemies...When they do, it won't be the virus in their sights, but the familiar foes:, journalists, experts, blue states, immigrants and people of color."


My earlier comments follow:

Update: March 14, 11:09 a.m.

For one of many similar news reports dealing with the terrible failures of the Trump administration to prepare for the coronavirus crisis, while distracting the nation's attention by concocting fake immigration and border "emergencies", see: vox.com (updated, March 14):

Coronavirus: Trump's botched response, explained

https://www.vox.com/policy-and- politics/2020/3/14/21177509/coronavirus-trump-covid-19-trump-pandemic-response

Vox describes Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, as describing the Trump administration's lack of preparedness for this crisis as

" deeply disturbing...[it's] left the country far less prepared than it needs to be for what is a very substantial challenge ahead."

Vox adds:

"it's a playbook that has previously worked for Trump, who successfully, at least politically, fended off...self-inflicted crises from his [Muslim] travel ban to the crisis at the US-Mexico border. This time, as people are getting sick and dying, and millions of Americans worry the same could happen to them, Trump's strategy of denial and downplaying isn't working (so far)."

My earlier comments follow below.

Amid mounting anger over the Trump administr
ation's appalling shortage of coronavirus testing kits,


which even Anthony Fauci,, a top Trump NIH official, described as "failing" in Congressional testimony, and the spending cuts which have made it harder for the CDC to respond to the pandemic, Trump's March 11 Oval Office speech was long on nationalism and anti-immigrant fear mongering, but very short on measures to deal with the reality of the virus as an American problem, not one inflicted on the US by foreigners.

In his Oval Office address, Trump insisted on blaming China and Europe for the outbreak, as if the virus were an act of foreign aggression against the US. In doing so, he ignored the reality, as confirmed by the scientific experts whom he has tried so hard to push aside, that the coronavirus is now here in America and is rapidly spreading through community transmission. See,


As the above Rolling Stone article points out, there is good reason to believe that Trump's white supremacist top immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, was involved in writing Trump's speech, even though most of the immigrants affected by Trump's entry ban are, in this case, also white.

Meanwhile multiple news reports state that some of Trump's Congressional supporters have taken to calling the coronavirus by the openly racist term "Wuhan Virus".

But while, according to the above Rolling Stone article, Sarah Forward, a Harvard expert in immunology and infectious diseases, describes America's inability to respond to the coronavirus outbreak as "horrifying", the pandemic has not stopped the Trump regime from moving full speed ahead ahead with its deportation agenda. Deportation activity is proceeding without the slightest regard for public healthy or human rights, as if everything were normal, regardless of the consequences.

The Guardian reports that Trump's deportations are creating a risk of spreading the virus to Central America.


Meanwhile ICE is moving ahead with business as usual in violating the basic human rights of non-white immigrants by arresting them in courthouses;


When the choice is between protecting the American people from the spread of a deadly disease and upholding human rights, on the one hand, or proceeding with a racist anti-immigrant agenda of vilification, travel bans and mass deportation on the other, there is no question where the priorities of Donald Trump and his administration lie.

Roger Algase,
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.