Update, March 11, 10:20 am:

Two new articles in the March 11 issue of The Guardian provide more evidence of Donald Trump's appalling demagogy in blaming nonwhite immigrants for the coronavirus outbreak in the US, even though his own anti-immigrant agenda could make the outbreak much more dangerous than it already is. See:

'We need the Wall' Trump uses coronavirus to push his own agenda



Coronavirus inevitable in prison-like US immigration centers, doctors say

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/11/coronavirus-outbreak-us-immigration centers

My earlier comment follows below:

As the reported US coronavirus infection total passed 1,000 with 29 deaths nationwide so far, Donald Trump has come under more criticism, including from a leading Republican Congressman, for CDC budget cuts that left America dangerously unprepared.

Trump has also resorted to crude anti-immigrant racism in his reaction to the spread of the potentially deadly disease in the face of mounting evidence that his immigration agenda is increasing the risk of spreading the virus rather than reducing it.

The Washington Post reports on March 10 that Republican Representative Tom Cole (Oklahoma) who warned three years ago that Trump's CDC budget cuts could lead to a US pandemic, is now renewing his criticism of the administration's llack of preparedness. See:

GOP congressman - who warned Trump about pandemics - offers pointed criticism of proposed CDC cuts

See also, Politico, (Mach 10):

Exclusive: U.S. coronavirus testing threatened by shortage of critical lab materials


Meanwhile,, amid growing evidence that Trump's immigration agenda is increasing the danger of spreading the virus, as The Guardian reports om March 8, See:

Trump's immigration policies may put people at risk of coronavirus - experts


Trump is now resorting to crude anti-Asian immigrant racism in response to the outbreak while also using it as a pretext to boost his Mexican border Wall of hate, which experts agree would do nothing to stop the virus See, Washington Post, March 10:

CDC director rejects label 'Chinese virus' after Trump. McCarthy tweets

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