Donald Trump's attempts to minimize the danger of rapidly spreading coronavirus in the US have been, at least in some instances,, so ludicrous that even Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), one of Trump's most vocal Congressional supporters, as felt compelled to speak out against the president on this issue. See The Independent (UK), March 5:

Trump ally reprimands president for coronavirus remarks and tells him to 'listen to the scientists'

See also, Washington Post, March 7:

Squandered time: How the Trump administration lost control of the coronavirus crisis

and. The Hill:

But while the Trump regime is very arguably off to a fumbling start concerning the coronavirus crisis (to describe this as charitably as possible), it does have plans firmly in place which are virtually guaranteed to make the crisis worse - potentially much,worse.

There plans all come under the heading of Trump's anti-immigrant agenda, Four of the most serious potential dangers to the nation's heath that are part an parcel of Trump's immigration agenda are:

1) Trump's deportation task force, which is increasing fears in immigrant communities that any contact with authorities, including going to a hospital or seeking medical treatment of any kind, may lead to incarceration and deportation;

2) The Trump-Miller Public Charge rule, which is intended to and almost certainly will discourage hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants from obtaining publicly assisted health care such as Medicaid or even Obama care at a time of a dire national heath emergency such as this one.

3) Trump's on and off threats to close the entire southern border. Closing the border could create a false impression that something is being done to protect against the virus, when expert opinion advises that internal prevention measures are needed;

4) The unsanitary and inhuman conditions in Trump's immigrant detention centers could well turn into breeding grounds for spreading the virus in the general population. Viruses do not care about or recognize such things as immigration status, nationality, or whether someone may or may not be subject to deportation. Nor do they care about border walls.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law