A March 1 report in The Guardian by former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich sheds more light on the appalling racism and hypocrisy behind Trump's using the coronavirus threat as an excuse to defend his inhuman anti-Latino "Remain in Mexico" policy, (which a 9th Circuit panel has recently ruled to be illegal), while at the same time making the danger worse through CDC budget cuts; See

Coronavirus is bad enough - Trump's cuts have made the danger far worse


And Margaret Sullivan, writing in the March 1 Washington Post, warns about the effect on America's public health of Trump's mendacious attempt to minimize the virus' potential danger. See:

Trump is pushing a dangerous, false, spin on the coronavirus - and the media is helping him spread it

But, despite Trump's deceptive and dangerous attempts to minimize the danger from the spreading virus, there is one context in which he is evidently quite eager to highlight the potential danger from this deadly disease - in the case of Latino asylum-seekers and other nonwhite immigrants who are trying to cross into the the US at the Mexican border. In their case, Trump has no hesitation in stigmatizing them as potential carriers of the disease and warning about their alleged danger to public health and "national security".

This form of anti-immigrant racism also has a long history in America, which Trump is now reviving.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law