Update, February 25, 2:41 pm:

A top CDC official warns that Americans should prepare for the spread of coronavirus across the country, and that this is no longer a question of if. but of when this will happen.

https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/02/25/americans-should -prepare-for-coronavirus-spread-in-us-cdc-says/23934150/

Is this really the right time for America's president to be directing his focus and resources to building a border Wall of Hate against immigrants because of their ethnicity and skin color?

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This comment has been revised and updated as of 9:00 am on February 25. The Washington Post reported on January 13 that Donald Trump is planning to divert an additional $7.2 billion to build his border Wall, in addition to the billions that he has already spent on this monument to White Supremacy. See:

Trump planning to divert additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funds for border wall.

Now The Hill reports (on February 24 that Trump is only asking Congress for a measly extra $1.25 billion (in addition to another $1.25 already appropriated, for a total of $2.5 billion) to fight the coronavirus and protect the health and safety of the American people


The tiny amount of the president's request compared to the amount he is asking for the Wall (and other parts of his White Supremacist immigration agenda - such as ICE detention - see below) is causing outrage on Capitol Hill. The Hill quotes House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) as follows:

The Trump administration's request for emergency funding is woefully inadequate to protect Americans from the deadly coronavirus outbreak."

It seems that protecting the "racial identity" of white Americans from both legal and unauthorized immigration by non-Europeans rather than focusing on protecting against what some exports are warning could become a world-wide pandemic has higher priority with America's 45th president.

The cruelty and sadism of Trump's detention policies are typical of fascist regimes. It is only recently that the Trump administration asked a federal court to uphold the administration's alleged "right" to deny soap and toothbrushes to detained young immigrant children.

The dangerous, inhuman conditions that immigrants are being subjected to in Trump's detention prisons, as well as by his appalling "Remain in Mexico" policy against asylum seekers, could also one day soon create a serius health danger to all Americans.

There are now alarming reports of the rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus in crowded facilities, such a a church in South Korea and the mental ward of a hospital near the church. Given the dangerously unhealthy conditions in immigration detention centers in the US as well as along the Mexican border which already exist, what would happen if a coronavirus outbreak hits any of those areas?

How long would it take to spread to the general population throughout the US?

But it is not only Trump's inhuman immigrant detention policies which could be putting the health and safety of America's entire population at risk. Trump's growing autocracy and his moves toward fascist dictatorship have had their incubation period in the racist immigration agenda which He and Stephen Miller are imposing on America by decree rather than act of a democratically elected Congress, These human rights violations (which might amount to a Crime Against Humanity could very possibly contribute quite soon to the spread of coronaviris in America .

The autocratic repression in China against physicians and other whistleblowers who have tried to warn about this and other outbreaks of disease in China is a chilling example. See Adam Nelson, February 23:

Authoritarianism is the greatest public health risk


After describing the terrible persecution suffered by courageous whistleblowers at the hands of the Chinese government when they tried to warn about coronavirus, SARS, and HIV outbreaks, Nelson writes:

"The WHO [World Health Organization] also acknowledges that human rights and inclusion are necessary components to safeguard public health It is time for the WHO to acknowledge this requirement in China."

And it time to do so in America too.With every fresh news item about Trump's latest purges of "disloyal" government officials in Washington for telling the truth about alleged Russian interference in US elections, or about the dealings with Ukraine which caused Trump to be only the third US president to be impeached by the House of Representative, it becomes clearer and clearer that our democracy is in very grave danger.

This danger began with Trump's immigration agenda of hatred and demonization against Latino and other nonwhite immigrants. It continued with the Muslim Ban and with the inhuman family separation, detention and "Remain in Mexico" policies mentioned above.

And we may also be seeing the fascist technique of the Big Lie at work in the Trump administration's to the coronavirus too. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has now putout an announcement about all the steps it is purportedly taking to combat the spread of the virus in the US,

There is no mention, however, of the cuts that the trump administration has made on the budget of this agency which experts assert have made it less prepared to fight this disease. See: The Guardian, January 31:


What is the main takeaway from all this? It is that if we want to stay healthy in the US and protect ourselves as much as possible from what some experts are warning might soon turn into a world-wide pandemic, we must fight to preserve our democracy against authoritarian rule.

It also means that if we want to preserve our freedom from the Trump regime's march to dictatorship, we must stand up and speak out for justice and human rights for one of our our most vulnerable and persecuted populations today - Latino, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and other nonwhite immigrants.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law.
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B.